Life in the Barbie Dreamhouse

Do you have daughters? We have four. Each one is interested in different things. All with big dreams and aspirations.

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Our 9-year-old wants to be a fashion designer. She loves all things fashion… and pink. So much pink.

She also has always loved playing with her Barbie® dolls. And the one thing that has eluded her, until now, is the Barbie® Dreamhouse ®.

Last week, that all changed for her.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse

Do you have that ONE toy you always wanted as a child? Whatever that is, that was the Barbie Dreamhouse for Jaci. She has talked about it for a couple of years.

As it is now, well, before last week, she had made herself a doll house of out of cardboard boxes. No, I am not kidding.

So when the Dreamhouse® arrived, Jaci could barely contain herself until I came home. She was ready to tear into the box and put it together.

And she did as soon as she could. She and her sister did it all by themselves.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Once the Dreamhouse® was set up, the girls took a step back just to take it all in. After all, Jaci had waited years for this dream to come true.

Seeing it in real life, in her room, was an incredible time for her. Now it was going to be time to check it all out and really explore the house and its 3 stories.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Let’s start on the bottom floor just as we would anyone’s home. Ring the doorbell and step inside. Fortunately for Barbie’s friends, the kitchen is on the first floor.

Entertaining is made easy with the reversible dining table and working appliances. Barbie can blend a smoothie in the blender (which is complete with sounds) or bake a cake in the light-up oven.

Want an ice cream sundae? Grab one from the fridge and then have a seat at the table under the pink chandelier to enjoy the treat.

The stainless steel appliances hold a variety of foods and drinks to keep everyone fed and there are plenty of dishes for parties and everyday use.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Ready to head to the second floor? We’re going to take the elevator up! How fun is that? An elevator in a house. This ONE feature was the thing that Jaci always talked about. “Mom, it has an elevator!

Being able to bring her dolls upstairs in that elevator completely made her day. Plus, I am sure the dolls appreciated the lift.

Especially since they were welcomed onto the second floor where Barbie’s bedroom and bathroom were found.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Speaking of favorite features, our youngest daughter discovered that the toilet in the bathroom actually flushes… well, makes the sound of a toilet flushing.

She may have enjoyed making that happen for a bit before she moved on to something else.

Luckily, the light-up mirror and singing shower caught her attention as well and her doll was able to step away from the toilet.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Across the hall, Barbie can invite friends over for a sleepover. Not only will you find a beautiful canopy bed, but a trundle as well.

Perfect for having a friend stay over. Oh, plus there is a cute pet bed for Barbie’s fur-covered friends to sleep in. Definitely a nice addition.

Barbie Dreamhouse

One more floor! The third floor is where you will find the living room. Sit and do a little channel surfing on the TV. You can “flip” through the channels and find the perfect show to relax and enjoy.

Or, if you don’t want to watch TV, take a step out onto the balcony. Take in the sights and sounds that surround the Barbie® Dreamhouse®.

Once you are ready to come back inside, there is a plethora of fashion fun just across the way.

Barbie Dreamhouse

On the top floor of the Dreamhouse® sits a large walk-in closet. There is plenty of room for hanging the latest trendy clothes, displaying shoes, and storing accessories.

Plus, if Barbie® and her friends need to get ready to leave the house, the vanity area is set up and ready for them.

Want to get dressed in the bathroom? Easy. Send the clothes down in the special fashion elevator and head down afterward.

Barbie Dreamhouse

After playing with the Barbie® Dreamhouse® for a while now, I think Jaci has really begun to grasp the fact that it is hers.

Sharing it with her sisters has become easier and she is really enjoying the time she gets to play with it. I am sure I heard her tell me, “I told ya so” somewhere in that play time as well. Let’s hope they are always this easy to please.

Which floor of the Barbie Dreamhouse would your daughter spend most of her time on?

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