popularity of gloss kitchens

Gloss kitchens have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, along with high gloss furniture in every other room of the house. The benefits of gloss furniture are numerous, not least because it’s one of the most contemporary-looking options on the market. 

If you’re looking at kitchens for sale, you might well have come across gloss kitchen units and cabinets and wondered whether they were right for your home.

Popularity Of Gloss Kitchens

Gloss Kitchens

The simple fact is, if you like them, they could be just perfect. As with any kitchen style or design, there are pros and cons to using high gloss kitchen options.

Things To Consider When Browsing

In an ideal world, we’d be able to select a new kitchen based on one single fact: we liked it. However, practicalities soon rear their ugly head.

For instance, budget restrictions are never far from the minds of those shopping for new kitchens.

Durability is also a consideration: as an expensive purchase, you don’t want to have to purchase a new one prematurely.

Similarly, if you’re choosing your kitchen as a couple, you’ll have different views on what your kitchen should look like and these opinions can sometimes cause disagreements.

However, gloss kitchens are an excellent style of kitchen design that you may not have considered up until now.

There’s a misconception that hi-gloss kitchens have to be expensive, but that’s not true. The costs are entirely dependent on your space, as is the case with most kitchens, so there are cheap high gloss kitchens available for you to consider. 

It’s true that high gloss kitchens may not be for you if you’re looking for a more traditional look in your kitchen. However, they are an excellent contemporary design option that adds a splash of the modern to any house renovation.

In addition, high gloss kitchen units can form part of a concerted design scheme around your home. There are options for gloss bedroom furniture, along with bathroom, living room, and dining room options as well.

In short, you won’t be short of choices if you decide to make gloss furniture part of your home, nor is it a boring or flimsy alternative to other kitchen styles. 

White And Black Gloss Kitchens And Their Benefits

High gloss kitchens can come in several colors, although the most popular are white or black gloss kitchens. This is because of the visual effects they have and the striking nature of them as gloss colors within a kitchen.

You might be concerned that gloss kitchen cabinets, units, and work surfaces are going to be less durable than other types of kitchen materials.

Thanks to the processes used in manufacture, high gloss furniture doesn’t scratch as easily as other forms of kitchen furniture and it’s relatively easy to maintain. 

For white gloss kitchens, simply wiping down surfaces and cabinets can keep them clean. Black gloss surfaces hold onto fingerprints a little longer and so, if you’ve got children, you might be wise to steer away from the black.

However, on the whole, gloss kitchen units can make your kitchen seem more welcoming and spacious. High gloss reflects light, meaning that even the dimmest kitchen will be lit that little bit more by the addition of high gloss cabinets and work surfaces.

There are also numerous customizations available, including options without handles, which adds to the kitchen’s sleek and smart appearance. Ultimately, whether you choose a gloss kitchen will depend on your personal tastes, but don’t be put off by your misconceptions.

If you have any questions about the versatility or durability of high gloss kitchen units, talk to a professional.

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