life lessons Star Wars Rebels

Life Lessons Learned from Star Wars Rebels

Do you have memories of watching Star Wars as a child? Whether you were born 40 years or 4 years ago, Star Wars is a name most of us grew up with.

life lessons learned from Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels

When Colby found out Star Wars Rebels was coming to DVD exclusively at Walmart through 10/13, he couldn’t wait to grab it and share it with our girls. After all, Disney Star Wars knows no gender boundaries. As a young girl, I loved watching the movies and enjoy seeing my girls as fans as well. Now, all these years later, Colby and I can sit and watch Star Wars Rebels with the kids and help them learn life lessons from the characters.

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Let’s take Ezra for example. As a loner learning to live life on his own, he soon realizes how to fight for a greater good. How many of us need to learn this very same lesson? To take the trials and tribulations of our own life and turn it around to create something better. To fight evil with good. Stand up for what they believe in. Teaching our girls to understand this very same trait cannot be bad, right?

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Speaking of our girls, what about Hera and Sabine? Hera is the heart of the Rebels whereas Sabine is such a key player as well. Steering away from the role of damsel in distress, Star Wars Rebels shows my girls how tough they can be. Strong, independent women can do the jobs some may not think they can. Colby and I can reiterate to our girls that they can do anything they set their minds to. Gender plays no role in which path they choose when it comes to following your dreams. Engineer? President? Take a lesson from Hera and Sabine… get out there and do it!

Star Wars Rebels Command Star Destroyer

Kanan reminds me of Colby, in a sense. Ezra needed a mentor and role model and found that in Kanan. Our kids need that too. Fortunately, Colby can be that for them. For each and every one. Star Wars Rebels shows us just how important that relationship between a father-figure and a child can be. The ability to turn someone around and lead them down a better path is amazing. Colby, as he simply sits and watches the Star Wars Rebels and plays with the kids, shows them love, compassion and a genuine attitude of caring. The kids appreciate the time spent with daddy and he completely understands the effect it will have on their lives.

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And me? I simply love them all more for it.

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Which Star Wars Rebels character do you favor?

Be sure to hurry to Walmart to pick up your copy of Star Wars Rebels on DVD before October 13th and #SparkRebellion! Thanks to #CollectiveBias we made sure to grab ours early!

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