Host a Disney Junior Party with Sofia the First

Disney Junior is often playing on our TV in the morning.

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Our girls enjoy spending a bit of time with fun characters such as Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins.

In fact, they decided it was time to host a Disney Junior Party with Sofia the First.

Disney Junior Party Sofia the First

Disney Junior Halloween Party

Of course, we wanted to make sure to invite Sofia the First to the party.

That meant we needed to pick up a Sofia The First costume .

Sofia’s pretty purple princess gown was to be the “crown jewel” of the party.

In addition to the Sofia the First costume, we also wanted to make sure our guests had plenty of tasty party foods and fun while they were over.

We could have very well grabbed every Sofia the First themed item in the Disney Junior party area, but we picked out those we thought would fit our party best.

Sofia the First party

Dessert plates, lunch napkins, and stadium cups adorned the table.

Whereas each guest had their own Sofia the First tiara and charm necklace to wear throughout the party.

Party food is always fun for us to decide on. We enjoy sticking to the theme and brainstorming ideas based on the character.

Again, with Sofia’s dress in mind, we created these adorable marshmallow sprinkle tutu pops.

Marshmallow Sprinkle TuTu Pops

Use color mist to lightly spray marshmallows purple. Slide a cake pop stick into a colored marshmallow, and then, using marshmallow cream, cover the top of it.

Next, dip it in pale purple crystals. Take a mini muffin wrapper and turn it upside down to slide over the cake pop stick.

Use a small bit of marshmallow cream to stick the tutu to the marshmallow and you are done. Easy enough and the girls loved all the gooey flavors.

Princess Sofia fruit wand

Knowing Sofia also possesses magical powers, we thought it would be exciting to introduce that element through food as well.

A couple of purple seedless grapes on a skewer topped with a star-shaped slice of pineapple made the perfect magic wand.

These healthy treats were actually the biggest hit of the party in the food line.

Purple Princess Popcorn

Another incredibly easy treat we shared with our party guests was purple princess popcorn.

Using the same color mist we used on the marshmallows, we simply popped a bag of popcorn and sprayed it purple. Done.

There was none left once our guests left for the day.

Princess Pudding Cups

Of course, we cannot forget that every princess needs a tiara. When it came to party foods, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the shape of a princess crown were perfect.

Not only did each guest have a tiara on their head, but now they could have one on their plate as well. Including the princess pudding cups we made with a bit of shiny duct tape and stick-on jewels.

Tiaras, wands, and princess gowns were on every plate around the table surrounded by small Sofia the First dolls and other items we found in Walmart’s toy aisles.

Disney Junior in Walmart toy aisles

We settled on a grape drink to fit the overall purple theme of the day. Not to mention the girls wore their best violet, lavender, pink, and white dresses to truly fit into the party scene.

Although I am not sure anyone out-dressed our guest of honor… “Sofia the First.”

Sofia the First amulet craft

After enjoying our snacks and a bit of pretend play, the girls put together a 2-step craft.

Each guest was given a necklace cord and a purple jewel to create their own Amulet of Avalor. And yes, they did attempt to talk to animals with them.

preschool party necklace craft

It was fun seeing them pretend to talk to each of the stuffed animals they found. Who knows… we may have the real Sofia the First here at the next Disney Junior party.

How do you incorporate Disney Junior into your party plans?

Whether you choose Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, or Minnie Mouse, enjoy your own party with your kids!

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