Spanish Discovery Set

Fun Language Learning Program for Kids : Little Pim

Not growing up bilingual, I realized that I missed out on a lot of opportunities. For some reason, Spanish was not spoken fluently in our household, so I am limited to what I have picked up here and there, as well as through classes in high school. I want my children to know more. I went looking for a fun language learning program for kids and found it with Little Pim.

Little Pim plush

Little Pim

Little Pim makes it both fun and easy for children to learn a second language. Plus, Spanish is not the only program they offer,. In fact, with 11 different languages to choose from, Little Pim can help your child develop a lifelong love of language learning. There is a whole world out there and languages to cover most of it:

  1. Spanish
  2. French
  3. Chinese
  4. Italian
  5. German
  6. Japanese
  7. Arabic
  8. Hebrew
  9. Russian
  10. English
  11. Portuguese

Through the use of digital videos, DVDs, flash cards, books and music CDs, Little Pim keeps children engaged and learning. Kids are able to interact with Little Pim as they work their way through each part of the program. They can even carry Little Pim along as a plush toy as they journey through their language learning program together.

Starring Little Pim

Research shows, and I have seen it again and again, that children tend to pick up languages naturally at very young ages. Therefore, the Little Pim language learning program is geared towards kids. In fact, studies show that children from 0 to 6 are hard-wired to learn up to 3 languages with no problem! Wow! What I wouldn’t give to go back and do that! But, at least I can offer the opportunity to my children.

Little Pim Spanish

Even my 8 year old was excited to learn as she sat and watched the DVDs with her younger sister. She now walks around practicing rolling her “r’s” and using what she has learned so far. It is quite exciting! Plus, she can go to my dad and tell him all the fun , new Spanish words she has learned and try to have a semi-fluent conversation with him. Well, she is getting there anyways.

Spanish Discovery Set

We have been using the Spanish Discovery Set and it has been an excellent introductory step into the program. The set includes:

  • Three (3) videos: Eating and Drinking; Wake Up Smiling; Playtime (digital or DVD)
  • Plush Little Pim toy
  • Little Pim poster

Each video contains 7 episodes that are broken into short 5-minute intervals to keep your child engaged along the way. Not to mention, your little one will love cuddling with their very own Little Pim plush panda as they watch all 21 episodes together! With over 180 basic words and phrases, it makes learning easy and is a fantastic jump start into learning a new language.

You can learn more about each of the language learning programs by liking Little Pim on Facebook or following @LittlePim on Twitter.