Easy Hot Cocoa and Popcorn Movie Watching Gift Basket

Are you looking for a last-minute or easy gift idea this Christmas? Colby and I look for ways to show our kids that the holiday season is more about giving than receiving. Each year we find a way to donate a gift to a child in need, and this year is no different. We decided an easy hot cocoa and popcorn movie watching gift basket would be perfect!

Hot Cocoa and Popcorn

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love to snack while they watch movies. Whether at home or the theater, it is all about the snacks. Therefore, as we began to toss around ideas, we decided that a movie watching gift basket would make the perfect gift for a family in need that we know. They have a DVD player and we were sure they would love new movies to add to their collection.

Target One Spot #shop

Colby and I grabbed our girls and decided to head to Target to make our gift basket selections. As soon as we walked in, we were halted by The One Spot where we were able to find several great ideas. We brainstormed as we shopped about what we would like to enjoy a movie or two with. Of course, popcorn was at the top of their list. I mean, it’s a movie, right?!

Colby has the kids obsessed with Kettle Corn and they all lucked out. There was one lone box of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn left on the shelf among the other types. Apparently it is a popular choice. Although I must say, not sure why they had to choose that flavor of popcorn… it was going in the gift basket. Ha!

Swiss Miss hot cocoa

Next, the girls like to have hot cocoa on cold nights. Swiss Miss had so many flavors to choose from. They even had the cutest holiday packs in various flavors. But, we wanted to make sure there was plenty of hot chocolate to watch each movie in the gift basket, so we grabbed a couple boxes. Of course, the girls insisted we grab the one with mini marshmallows. I cannot say I blame them. It is my favorite as well.

popcorn and meat sticks #shop

Finally, our go-to snack is beef jerky. I have been a big fan of Slim Jim meat sticks since I was a kid, Colby as well, so it is only natural that our children love it too. We grabbed two large Slim Jim treats and were thrilled with our snack choices.

A cup with a lid for drinking the hot cocoa and a matching bowl for the popcorn completed our movie watching necessities. The seasonal section of the store featured a box with cellophane wrap that was exactly what we needed to complete our gift basket. Now we simply had to get home to put it all together.

Movie Watching Gift Basket #shop

Movie Watching Gift Basket

After shopping with the girls, putting together the Movie Watching Gift Basket was going to be the easy part. The girls picked out the three movies they wanted to include and we had all we needed for our basket. Some lucky recipient will be watching Despicable Me 2, Peter Pan, and The Croods this holiday season… while sipping on hot cocoa and eating popcorn.

hot cocoa popcorn basket #shop

Now watch how easy it is to put together this gift basket:

Step 1: Lay out the cellophane and put the basket in the middle of it. Add filler.

Step 2: Position the box of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate in the upper half of the basket. Add the three DVDs staggered behind the hot cocoa.

Step 3: Shape the filler so that it props the front of the bowl up over the box.

Step 4: Add the mug/tumbler to the inside of the bowl and filler around it inside the bowl.

Step 5: Remove Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn bags from the box and layer behind the tumbler.

#easygifts Slim Jim shop

Step 6: Stand the Slim Jim meat sticks up in the middle of the basket as you begin to gather the cellophane.

Step 7: Bring each corner of the cellophane towards the middle of the basket, with the Slim Jim jerky standing through the middle.

Slim Jim beef jerky #shop

Step 8: Using a ribbon, tie the cellophane around the meat sticks and position the gift tag. Your movie watching gift basket is now ready for gifting!

See how super easy that was? It has to be simple in order for it to work for me. I am notorious with steering clear of anything to difficult. I just know I will mess it up.

What is your best “easy” gift idea?

Plus, you can put together this easy hot cocoa and popcorn movie watching gift basket… and save a little money… with these coupons from Target:

  • Save $3 when you buy 4 (FOUR) Orville 6-packs
  • Save $1 when you buy 5 (FIVE) Slim Jim Giant Twin Packs
  • Save $1 off 4 (FOUR) Swiss Miss 8ct or larger