25 Elf Ideas Christmas

25 Elf Ideas on the Go this Christmas

Has your Elf made its way to your house this Christmas season? Our elf, Snowflake, arrived the Friday after Thanksgiving. And, boy, did she arrive in style!

elf on the go

Elf on the Go

Snowflake arrived from the North Pole in her very own Signature SnowCase. Basically, she came with her own little traveling house! Last year she slept in a shoebox the girls made into a bed. Needless to say, my girls were thrilled to see her bring her own place to stay this year!

Elf Magic bed

Signature Showcase features:

  • Luggage tag secured to the handle with a red and green polka-dot ribbon
  • Two white “Hang it up” Hangers
  • North Pole Passport
  • Santa’s Elf Express Travel Ticket/Boarding Pass
  • Pouch filled with travel stickers for decorating the outside of the SnowCase, visa stickers for the Passport and Christmas Stickers for decorating the inside of the home-away-from-home
  • Make a bed for your Elf’s Snowcase. Download Free Elf Magic Bed in a Box

25 Elf Ideas Christmas

Now of course, the girls are asking where Snowflakes’s extra clothes for the closet are. Our job here is never done. (Totally kidding). Speaking of work, check out 25 Elf ideas that I have noticed other elves around the world getting into:

  1. stringing up lights
  2. playing hide-and-seek
  3. making paper airplanes
  4. playing video games
  5. making mini pancakes
  6. partying with stuffed animals
  7. riding a toy train
  8. making snow angels in flour
  9. cutting out paper snowflakes
  10. sending an email to Santa on the computer
  11. unwrapping gifts
  12. having a snowball fight with mini marshmallows
  13. fishing in the sink
  14. making an igloo in the freezer
  15. playing board games
  16. hiding in the Christmas tree
  17. zip lining across a room
  18. streaming toilet paper
  19. building with blocks
  20. coloring in a Christmas coloring book
  21. prepping a cup of hot chocolate
  22. eating Buddy the Elf’s famous spaghetti
  23. competing in a brown paper sack race with friends
  24. using popsicle sticks and candy canes to ski downstairs
  25. drinking all the syrup through a straw

What fun ideas have you seen an Elf doing?

Be sure to check out Snowflake’s Signature SnowCase and other accessories from Elf Magic.