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Do you have someone in your life that you look up to? A mentor? Do you consider them “older and wiser” in some regard? This past year, Colby was excited to find this person in his life.

Colby and Mr Larry

Mr. Larry

After deciding to serve in the children’s ministry at church, Colby was introduced to Mr. Larry. He is the oldest, yet most endearing, volunteer in the children’s ministry at our church.

Mr. Larry has been serving in this position for over 9 years and truly enjoys working with the kids. Not only that, but the kids absolutely love Mr. Larry, as evidenced by the amount of children around his table on Sunday mornings.

He has such a caring, giving heart, and seems to thrive in his position as both a leader and mentor. Colby can hardly say enough good things about him.

Mr Larrys Bible

In fact, when Colby was challenged with finding a mentor, he couldn’t think of a better person to turn to.

Even though it has been a short time, I look up to him as a leader and mentor.

I was drawn to Mr. Larry because of his disposition in life and the people around him. Not only does he love to share stories with people, but mostly he just listens.

His relationship is one I value and I can only assume other friends and family members would feel the same.

Watching Mr. Larry with the kids at church, listening to him talk about the love he has for his wife and family, as well as the care he gives to those around him seems to make him a natural candidate.

Although Mr. Larry still seems quite capable of caring for both his wife and himself, there are many more his age who are most likely looking at ways to continue to age successfully as well.

Considering Colby (unfortunately) has no relationship with his own parents, he looks to Mr. Larry as a very important person in his life. He cares for him and makes sure to talk to him every Sunday and they have breakfast plans in the works.

Mr. Larry is wise and is someone I would consider the type of seasoned person I would like to grow into one day.

Sometimes it’s easy to consider those we call family when it comes to taking care of our elders , but what about the others around us?

Whether it’s someone who means a lot to you the way Mr. Larry does to Colby, or simply an elderly neighbor, have you thought about how you can help seniors age successfully?

Ready to Care

Ready to Care can help!

Ready to Care will challenge you to complete Care Missions. Each Care Mission guides you through various ways to give to causes that help seniors, learn about the aging crisis and issues impacting seniors, and serve seniors through small actions or volunteering.

Signing up for Ready to Care is incredibly easy. Once you sign up, you will receive text messages with weekly acts of kindness and inspiration to help you get involved.

Ready to Care is for people of all ages—even if you’re a senior. Sign up today and start performing simple acts of care and kindness through the weekly Care Missions.