Halloween Holly Santa's Helper

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Do you still have trick-or-treaters at home? Do they bring home massive amount of candy every year that your family could not possibly finish? Plus, with all of our kids, you can imagine the heaps of candy we would have after a long night of going door-to-door. Once we go through each and every piece and trade among each other, there is still plenty left over. In steps Halloween Holly.

Halloween Holly

Halloween Holly

Think about how much candy you amass at your home every Halloween. A sandwich bag full? Perhaps a small brown paper bag full? How about a large bowl full? That is exactly what Halloween Holly is expecting.

Halloween Holly is a unique little elf…

who collects children’s extra Halloween candy & brings it back to the North Pole where it magically helps energize Santa’s elves as they make the toys for Christmas. The child to both a Fairy and an Elf, Holly (and her brother Howie) have wings, unlike the other elves. This gives them the ability to fly and make candy deliveries to the North Pole elves. During a visit to Santa’s Workshop, they learned the candy they delivered magically gave Santa’s elves extra energy.  They had very important jobs!

Halloween Holly Santa's Helper

But, it was upon discovering there was a candy shortage that Holly came up with a plan! She worked out every detail and presented her idea to Santa. He loved her plan so much that he immediately declared her “Halloween Holly.”

Grab your copy of Halloween Holly to find out how she was able to save Christmas! 

Plus, with each book, you will also receive one of Halloween Holly’s Special Candy Bowls.

Halloween Holly’s Special Candy Bowls

In addition to the fun story, captivating illustrations, and a solution to all that leftover candy, the book also promotes important concepts such as:

  • Sharing and Caring
  • Growth Mindset
  • Eating in Moderation
  • Social Acceptance
  • Portion Control
Parents, Halloween Holly suggests donating collected candy to a local charity, nursing home, your local dentist or to an organization that will ship Halloween candy to our troops.