Easy Floating Headboard Using French Cleats

When Colby and I started looking at new beds, I knew exactly the type I wanted. Our bed was over 15 years old and we had outgrown the style of it.

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Honestly, we had “outgrown” everything in our house.

French Cleat Headboard

We wanted a whole new look when we moved and began shopping around for the perfect pieces for our new house. Our bed was one of the first pieces we replaced.

It’s no secret that I absolutely love everything that Joanna Gaines puts her hands on.

Fortunately, since we live in Texas, we can easily make the 2-hour trip to Waco and, perhaps even more so, one of our local stores carries Magnolia Home stuff.

This is good for them, but bad for my pocketbook.

Every time we go they have something new and I want it all. Holding back is a fun exercise in willpower on every trip.

But, when we saw the Farmhouse Craft Headboard I HAD to have it. Like, had to. Okay, I would have survived without it, but it was exactly what we were looking for.

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French Inspired Petite Rosette Table

When it was finally delivered, we were beside ourselves to get it set up.

First, it had been too long since we had a nice bed like this, and, second, it was going to brighten our room up so much.

We were tired of the dark, dated furniture we had and were excited about bringing some light into the room.

We found new bedding, bought the French Inspired Petite Rosette Table with Casters as nightstands, and were ready to set up our new bedroom!

easy floating headboard

Once we got it all put together —and slept on it for about a week— we realized something.

The headboard was super tall (which we love), yet the bed frame was not enough to hold it up. I mean, it held the bed together well and that was fine and good. But, the top of the headboard would rock and hit the wall simply by sitting on the bed.

So, we went to the hobby store and grabbed some floral foam blocks to put between the headboard and the wall. These were at least a temporary fix. But, once we moved, we needed a more permanent solution.

We needed to hang the heavy headboard on the wall.

Easy Floating Headboard Using French Cleats

How to hang a headboard with a French Cleat:

I went to my dad, as usual, and asked him to help me mount the headboard to the wall in order to make it seem more secure. And that’s just what we did using a French Cleat to hang the headboard.

DIY French Cleats

We took a 2 X 4 and measured the length we needed according to the headboard. It had two long studs running up the length of the frame, so we decided that would be the best place to mount a headboard to the wall.

We then used a saw to cut the board down the middle at a 45-degree angle.

French cleat mount

After that, it was simply mounting one piece to the back of the bed using the wall cleat for the headboard…

laser wall stud finder

and the other to the wall. (Find your studs first and use screws to mount this piece to secure a strong hold).

French Cleat Headboard Mount

Next, you simply hang the floating headboard on the wall using the French cleat wall mount. The angles of each cut will hold the heavy headboard in place.

floating headboard wall mount

For extra stability due to the shear height of the headboard attached to the wall, we added two small blocks behind the headboard where the frame joins it.

Pretty sure our bed isn’t going anywhere with the headboard cleats!

wall mounted farmhouse headboard

Now, not only do we have the look we wanted in our new bedroom, but we don’t have to worry about our headboard bouncing off the wall.

Plus, the DIY floating headboard was exactly the look we were going for!

We can move on to the next project and simply enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

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