Using Your Helping Hand: Career Fits For Parents

While being a parent results in a lot of stress or anxiety from time to time, it gives us a lot of skills.

And while a lot of us believe these skills to be somewhat redundant in the grand scheme of things, apart from when we’re looking after our children, in fact, these skills can help us in terms of a career.

Career Fits For Parents

Career Fits For Parents

If you have children that are growing up, or you are looking to make a change in life by embarking on a new career, there can be a lot of learning ahead of you.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use your skills acquired over the last 18 years or so to get your foot in the door. What are some of your options?

Classroom Assistant

There are many classroom assistants out there, either to help specific children with the development, or there are learning support assistants for students and children that have a disability. When it comes to a career progression, this doesn’t really result in ascending the ranks.

While it’s a very suitable part-time job, this can help you to progress in terms of what you like to do with the school. For example, this could inspire you to become a school counselor. And this is something that is integral to the well-being of children.

You can get an online masters school counseling qualification over time, and this will help you make a direct impact on the well-being of children.

You could also become a teacher if you spend a lot of time in these classroom environments. It takes a year for you to get your PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate In Education), and then you can become a trainee teacher.

It’s a very logical progression, because you’ve spent a long time, in effect, teaching your children.


Nursing can be a much more appropriate choice for parents than you might think. While there can be long hours at the start, especially when you’re starting out, it’ll be much easier than you’d think.

You could even use your nursing knowledge to look after your kids’ health to some degree. What could be better than that?

The education and other factors are also relatively simple. Going from BSN to MSN is relatively easy, and you shouldn’t have a problem getting all of the education you need to start off with your nursing career.


Many people are inspired to become midwives because of their own personal parental journey. And yours might be exactly the same, you can get inspired by his midwives that work to ensure that babies are delivered into the world safely.

As such, this is quite an emotional investment, and a natural ability to be a caring human being is one of the essentials in this type of job.

And now, as so many people are quite critical of medical professionals as being cold and distant, a warm, caring nature could very well be the essential ingredients you possess to make this a successful career.

Care Work

Working in a medical capacity requires a lot of training and qualifications, and if you are looking for something immediate, working in care could provide that solution.

There are many care homes, that either have disabled or elderly residents that need people in their day-to-day living.

You can use this career as a springboard, so you can become a social worker or health worker or even work in children’s services. As a career choice it is fulfilling, but it can be quite an eye-opener.

As parents, we have learned skills over the years and if we feel that they’re going to waste when our children leave, we can very easily transfer these to our professional lives.