6 Benefits of Play to Child Development

Do you ever wish you could go back to being a kid? Back when things were simpler? No bills to pay.

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Far less worries than who you’re going to play with on the playground?

But, did you also know how important play was to our own personal development?

6 Benefits of Play to Child Development

Benefits of Play to Child Development

The Genius of Play understands the benefits of play to child development and is on a mission to give families the information and inspiration needed to make play an important part of every child’s life.

As parents, we need to take ourselves back to the days of our own childhood and remember the basics of playtime.

Then, perhaps in order to make it even more practical for some of us, understand how vital play is to helping our children become better adults.

fairy garden teaches gardening skills

Realizing that play isn’t just fun and games, we try to roll learning into playtime as well.

Honestly, as homeschoolers, we look at every situation as a teachable moment.

During playtime in particular, kids learn how to interact with others and develop these 6 benefits critical for childhood development:

  1. Improve Cognitive Abilities
  2. Hone Communication Skills
  3. Increase Creativity
  4. Process & Express Emotions
  5. Develop Physical Skills
  6. Enhance Social Skills

From learning motor skills to understanding compromise, there’s plenty to be said about letting the kids play! 

Different types of play help the kids build and strengthen various important developmental skills. Even our adult kids still get in on the games.

In fact, we rarely watch TV, and instead, have game nights several times a week. All 8 of us.

Therefore, by giving them quality play time every day, we’re helping them develop social skills (such as compromise and collaboration) as well as cognitive skills (such as reasoning and paying attention).

There’s so much more going on when you play beyond the element of fun!

chalk art encourages creativity

Whether finding a creative way to play independently or with a group, there are so many fun ways to learn while you play.

Outdoor play, such as visiting public parks, is also important for your child’s development.

When kids play on playground equipment , they engage in physical activities that help develop their gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. 

Additionally, playgrounds also offer opportunities for socialization and imaginative play, which can enhance their cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Therefore, spending time at playgrounds can contribute to a well-rounded childhood development, which is essential for your kid’s growth and success later in life.

From sidewalk chalk and model building to shooting hoops, it all depends on your child’s interests.

Need ideas for your child’s next playtime?

The Genius of Play website has hundreds of play ideas that can be sorted based on a child’s age, how much time they have to play, or the developmental benefits of play that you would like to focus on.