Benefits of Babywearing : Boba

I have to admit, with my older two children (now 16 and 18), I did not know much about babywearing. Google was not exactly readily available back then.


Benefits of Babywearing

As I began to have my younger three, I was more open to information and the benefits of babywearing. Before the birth of my last baby, Boba was born.

As I researched the benefits of babywearing, I discovered through companies such as Boba that wearing baby facing inward is best for the psychological and physical health of baby.

I asked my babywearing mamas in my blogging circles to confirm what I read and was convinced they had well researched the facts as well.

Boba safe babywearing

In fact, my friend Jessica at And Then There Were 5 even let me borrow a picture of her cutie pie in a fabulous Boba.

As I began to explore, I was able to learn a few of the benefits that babywearing can create.

For example, babywearing inward and close to the touch is considered the best.

safe babywearing

Boba even put together the graphic shown above that lists 9 Reasons Not to Carry Your Baby Facing Out as a source of information on the topic.

Additionally, as I continued to learn, did you know that simply by wearing your baby, they are more prone to cry less, sleep better, and learn more.

Not to mention, as baby creates a bond with his/her parents through babywearing, they actually become independent quicker.

Carried babies become more confident and less clingy as they become more secure through bonding.

And that is only a handful of the benefits for the baby. It can also provide great benefits for you, as the parent, as well:

  • Convenience — Rather than carrying a heavy infant carrier, you can easily use a Boba soft carrier that can actually be easier on your body.
  • Safely move about with baby — Knowing how difficult it can be to maneuver over uneven sidewalks or a simple escalator with a stroller, wearing your baby will mean better control and the ability to easily move about.
  • Promotes exercise  — Think about it. Although we may not get as much exercise in as we may want once baby comes, by wearing our baby, we are getting a bit more exercise. It is like getting in a walk and a little “weightlifting” at the same time.

And, personally, I have to admit that I became a pro at nursing anywhere and everywhere after 5 children.

By babywearing, you can easily stand to nurse when there is nowhere to sit, plus you can do so discreetly.

The support of the Boba carrier is excellent when nursing and helps to position baby into a comfortable position.

Whether you are of the baby wearing in or out club, simply make an informed decision and use what you find to be best for you and your child.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boba. The opinions and text are all mine.