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Is your family ready for going back to school? Have you finished shopping and made all the necessary adjustments. I know it is prep time around here and that typically means gradually moving out of summer mode.

Back to School Tips

7 Back to School Tips

Starting a new school year can be a lot of things to students. There is likely anxiety about new friends, teachers, classes, workload, schedules and more. Making that transition from summer break should be manageable with 7 back to school tips: 

  • Back to School Countdown – We begin our back to school countdown about 2 weeks out. That gives the kids plenty of time to establish their school routine once again, and prepare for their summer days to slowly wind down. We use a fun loop visual to help us. This Back to School Countdown from The Suburban Mom is adorable!
  • School Bed Time – If your children are like mine, they may get to stay up a bit longer during the summer. Therefore, we gradually transition them back into school bed times. By putting them to bed at least 10-15 minutes earlier each night once our countdown begins, they will have successfully transitioned back to their regular bed time before the first week of school.
  • Practice Run – Having at least one morning practice run can really get everyone back into the routine. Wake up early, get dressed, eat breakfast, and then drive the route you would normally take to school. Make sure everyone understands what needs to be accomplished each morning and, hopefully, things will run smoothly when the time comes.
  • Walk the Walk – Ok, so literally… not figuratively. If your child will be walking or riding a bike, be sure to walk the path they will be taking both to and from school each day. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows exactly which way the child should be taking.
  • Tour the School – If you have younger children, especially if they are going to a new school, stop by and take a tour of the school. Point out bathrooms. Show them the gym and library. Explain that there is a nurse available for when they do not feel well. Make sure they are comfortable in the building itself.
  • First Day Outfit – I remember getting even more excited for school once I had my first day outfit picked out. Let the child pick out their outfit for that first day… or help them get one ready… and lay it out in wait. Showing up to school feeling confident is a great way to head back!
  • After School Routine – Be sure that everyone knows the after school routine. Who will pick up the kids? Will they come straight home? Homework should be finished before other activities can be done. All of these things should be established prior to starting school so that the entire family knows the plan.

And this is not as exhaustive list. In fact, every child, every family may be different. I also found a great list of Time Management Tips to further prepare the family for heading back to school on the Boys and Girls Clubs of America site. These tips are a fabulous way to organize and prioritize those activities and responsibilities for everyone.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

In addition to educational content for parents, the BGCA has also teamed up with Disney, their long-time partner, to launch an online school supply drive. Each year 1 million students fail to graduate from high school. This alarming statistic further demonstrates how important it is to continue to support our youth.

The BGCA has even made it simple. By playing an online pop-quiz style game, you can help donate school supplies.  From July 15th until  August 31st, for every five correct answers, a donation of supplies will be made to a Boys & Girls Club member. The BGCA youth will receive up to 40,000 school supply kits. There will be a minimum of 15,500 supplies donated to Boys & Girls Clubs with Disney’s support.

What back to school tips do you use to prepare your family?

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