World Mental Health Day | Childhood Cancer

To the family…

hearing the words. “It’s cancer,” for the first time

watching your child fall asleep to anesthesia for another procedure

listening to your child scream as they receive yet another poke

angry about the way treatment is making your child feel

crying in a bathroom so your child doesn’t see your pain

praying in silence your child takes that next breath

screaming into the abyss because you don’t know what else to do anymore

frustrated with the constant stream of tests, labs, and scans

waiting for results that could forever change your child’s life

overwhelmed with the abundance of information coming your way

cleaning up after the barrage of medicines made your child sick

exhausted after many days and nights with insurmountable sleep debt

torn between how to take care of your sick child and still be able to see your other children

who has small children at home who don’t fully understand why you’re gone so often

who’s other children miss their sibling and just want them to come home

lamenting the life before cancer turned your world upside down

yearning for a “normal” childhood for your sick child

mourning the future your child is desperately fighting for

grieving the child you lost to this horrible monster.

We see you.

We stand with you.

We hurt for you too.

Please ask for help.

Be gentle with yourself.

Prioritize self-care.

There’s no judgment in making sure you’re healthy so you can keep fighting alongside your child.

Mental Health of a parent of a child with cancer
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