These 3 Types Of Holidays Are Perfect For Families!

Booking a family holiday is sometimes tricky as you want to ensure everyone has a good time.

You may love the thought of lying on a beach for a whole week, but with kids to entertain, this might not be ideal. Instead, you have to think about other types of holidays that may be better for families.

Here are three ideas to kick start your brain and get you thinking of more: 

Cinderella castle at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Theme park holidays

Honestly, you could just title this “Disney holidays” because that’s basically what we’re talking about!

Booking a holiday to a theme park like Disneyworld is always going to go down great with the entire family. Kids of all ages love parks like these because of all the rides, characters, and fun activities to do.

I would say this is the best overall type of holiday for a family because it keeps everyone occupied.

Older kids can go on the fast and scary rides, younger kids can enjoy the slower ones while having fun with all the Disney characters. Parents get to enjoy seeing their kids have fun while joining in as well. 

Obviously, other theme park holidays exist, but Disney is probably the best one for families—especially if you have young children. 

Fishing holidays

You probably never thought about going on a fishing holiday with your kids before. Well, it’s actually one of the more enjoyable things you can do together.

Plus, there are loads of family-friendly fishing trips scattered around the country—and the world.

If you are looking for a staycation idea, this is perfect. It gets you out and about seeing more of your country, while also having some fun fishing.

You can have friendly contests with your kids to see who can catch the biggest fish—and you do all of this while enjoying the sun and sea. 

It might seem a bit unorthodox, but fishing holidays are slowly becoming very popular amongst families. Especially if you want to have a mini vacation without leaving the country. 

Camping holidays

Another staycation idea for families, but camping is also awesome when done in another country. In fact, booking to stay at a campsite is often way cheaper than staying in hotels—particularly if you want to go away for a week or more. 

Camping is super enjoyable because you get to live a bit differently. You’re in a nicer area, usually far away from busy cities.

At the same time, you can still get in a car and visit local attractions. Most campsites are really family-friendly, coming equipped with playgrounds, parks, recreational halls, pools, and many other things.

Plus, your kids get to meet other kids and make new holiday friends—which is super cute to see. 

Three completely different types of holidays, all of which are perfect for families.

The trick is learning how to book a holiday that suits as many members of your family as possible.

All three of these ideas will ensure that you have a brilliant time, and your kids are constantly kept happy and entertained.