The Best Free Baby Samples of 2022

If you’re about to become a new parent, you may be wondering how you can save money and still get the best baby products out there.

Well, it turns out that many companies offer free samples of their products with the hope that parents will make repeat purchases or even recommend them to others. 

You can use this information to your advantage by signing up for these freebies before your bundle of joy arrives. Here’s some of our favorite free baby stuff uk residents can get their hands on. 

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6 of the Best Free Baby Samples

  1. Emma’s Diary

When you sign up and register on Emma’s Diary, you have a choice of one of four free samples of goodies from international and UK brands. Some of these samples include products from Argos Nursery as well as Photobook. 

If you download the Emma’s Diary smartphone app, you can track your pregnancy and you will receive helpful weekly newsletters in your inbox that will help you to navigate your pregnancy and life as a mother. 

  1. Bounty

The Bounty smartphone app helps you to track the growth and progress of your little one. When you register for this service, you can expect to receive some lovely free samples for you and your baby. 

Once you are more than 13 weeks pregnant, you will be able to collect your mum-to-be package from any of the participating stores. Once your bundle of joy enters the world, you will also receive a free newborn package.

  1. Boots Parenting Club

When you sign up to join the Boots Parenting Club, you can expect to receive plenty of benefits—free samples only being one of them. Just note that you have to have a Boots Advantage Card to join the Parenting Card, but luckily getting an Advantage Card is free!

Joining this club will give you access to expert parenting advice, free baby samples, as well as 8 points on your card for every pound you spend. You will continue to receive samples from when your baby is a newborn up to the age of five. 

  1. Your Baby Club

If you are excited to receive plenty of free baby samples, you should join Your Baby Club. This parenting club is the number one place in the UK to go for parenting advice, blogs, e-books and discounts on baby products. 

Some of the free samples and benefits you can expect from Your Baby Club include Pampers nappies, Amazon discounts, free teddy bears, and even free canvas photos. 

  1. Bookstart

Booklovers rejoice! There is now a service where new parents can get free books for their babies. 

Bookstart is the brainchild of BookTrust, whose main goal is to spread the love of reading. To that end, BookTrust is giving a free baby reading pack to every child in England.

You can go collect your pack at a local library (or health clinic if they are participating) and get your little one’s imagination going with stories from a young age. 

  1. Ella’s Kitchen

Do you want to get some free baby food samples to help you discover the likes and dislikes of your baby when it comes to feeding time?

When you sign up and join Ella’s Kitchen, you will receive some free baby food samples, as well as discount codes and vouchers to make feeding your little one a little bit more affordable. 

The Ella’s Kitchen website is also full of useful information on baby food, weaning your baby, and some homemade recipes you can try to give your baby the nutrition it requires.

You can get free baby gifts in the UK if you know where to look for them

You can get free baby gifts in the UK if you know where to look for them. If you’re expecting a new baby, there are tons of things that you need and will have to buy before the baby comes.

While some people may be able to afford them, others might not have the money. That’s why it’s always nice when companies offer free samples of their products or services so that everyone can get what they need without having to spend any money on them!

Final Thoughts

It is easy to find free baby samples online. All you need is some time on your hands and a little bit of patience.

The websites and companies listed above all offer high-quality baby samples to get both parents and newborns started. And if you like the samples, you can always buy the products for you and your friends.