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Thanksgiving with the Heck Family : The Middle

Do you have an awkward holiday memory with your family? One of those stories that will always be remembered based on circumstances or people? I know which one my family often refers to. Let’s just say who is friends with whom on Facebook is a big deal.

The Middle

Thanksgiving with the Heck Family

Thanksgiving is next week but you can catch the Heck family on The Middle celebrating the holiday this week on ABC. The whole family is home and ready to give thanks in a new way this year. Instead of the traditional meal at home, they are planning a dinner out. Of course, each of the kids has their own agenda during dinner. Brick’s girlfriend is joining the family for dinner and seems to be an interesting character. Brick only has plans for making her happy, but soon finds the task to be more challenging than he expected.

The Heck Family
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Sue is also bringing her boyfriend along, but he is one we have seen on the show for a while: Darrin. In fact, long enough that Sue feels it is time for Mike to get used to the idea and at least be cordial to him. As a teenager I think she may not understand one thing just yet… no one is good enough for daddy’s girl. As for Axl, he is home from school and still trying to not listen to Frankie. But, he soon discovers that steering away from mom’s advice may not always be the best route.

Sue Heck - Eden Sher

And Frankie has nothing but visions of greatness for the Thanksgiving dinner. As a mom I know I have been guilty of as well. Making plans and fully expecting nothing but smiles and grateful attitudes. Unfortunately, just as we find on The Middle, plans don’t always go the way we expect them to. Although, that is not always a bad thing. The entire family learns a little lesson or two over their Thanksgiving meal, and ends the day with a great story to talk about for years to come.

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

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