prepare for winter driving

Prepare for Driving in Winter with these Trunk Essentials : State Farm

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What is the weirdest thing you have driven around with in your vehicle’s trunk? State Farm recently randomly asked 3,000 drivers this very question and got some pretty interesting answers. State Farm also informs us how to prepare for driving in winter weather conditions with better ideas for things to keep in our trunks.

Prepare for Driving in Winter

First, because it is pretty entertaining, let’s discuss a few of the weird things found during State Farm’s survey. There were items such as a gorilla suit, 400 pounds of coffee, a suit of armor and a shark. I don’t know, I could completely understand the 4oo pounds of coffee though. I mean, you never want to run out of it. One answer was “60 watermelons.” Why would you need 60 watermelons? And that has to come close to buying all that the store has. I would really love to hear the story behind these answers. I am the type that just wants to know.

prepare for winter driving

Fortunately, State Farm also lets us in how the types of items we need in our trunk to stay prepared this winter. You don’t want to be caught out in the cold without the proper resources. This list is much more useful and will keep us safe in the event of an emergency while driving in winter:

  1. Prep your vehicle by checking hoses, belts, spark plugs, fluid levels, tires, filters, and necessary tools such as a tire iron and jack.
  2. Follow winter driving recommendations. Make sure you never warm up your car in a closed garage. Check for mud or snow in your exhaust pipe. Cruise control should not be used on icy roads. Remember that more time for braking should be used with poor visibility. Stay calm if you begin to skid. keep emergency supplies in trunk
  3. Keep emergency supplies in your trunk. You want to carry jumper cables, tire-changing tools, a flashlight and first aid kit with you at all times. Plus, during the summer you may want to add:
    • small folding shovel
    • tow and tire chains
    • basic tool kit
    • road salt of kitty litter
    • windshield wiper fluid
    • antifreeze
    • warning flares
  4. Pack a survival kit. Being stranded in the snow can be dangerous. The following items can help if you ever find yourself in that sort of situation: compass, ice scraper, matches, non-perishable food, phone charger, blankets and warm clothing
  5. Stay calm. Keep your wits about you should you find yourself in a situation where you are stranded. Turn on your hazard lights or light flares. Call 911. Stay with your car. Run the heater 10 minutes every hour to keep warm. Drink fluids. Conserve your car battery. Turn on an inside light when running the car at night so those coming to render aid can see you.

Having the essential items you need in an emergency can completely change the outcome, as well as your overall perspective on the situation.

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