Teaching Dad to Braid with Goody Hair Products

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Now, I am not always the best when it comes to doing our daughters’ hair. All that “girly stuff” was somehow lost on me growing up. But, again, with 4 daughters, it is definitely something I have had to learn over the years. Colby does nails quite well, but has never really tackled hair. With all of our new Goody hair products, we decided to change that by teaching dad to braid.

Teaching Dad to Braid with Goody Hair Products

Teaching Dad to Braid

Jaci, our 9 year old, has straight hair but loves to give her hair a bit of natural wave when she can. The best way she has found to do that is by braiding her hair after she gets out of the shower. She then sleeps in it overnight and takes the braid out the next morning. This leaves her hair with a bit of a wave that she would not otherwise have. It suits her just fine and is likely the extent of my braiding ability. But, I am not always home when she wants it done. Not to mention, there are times when I am traveling and Colby is home with the girls for a few days alone. They often need help with their hair.

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Therefore, we decided it was time. Our oldest daughter is nearing 20 and, yet, he still has not learned to braid hair. Yes, he can do pony tails, add a simple barrette, or help them with a few other simple things, but has not conquered the braid. Today, we changed that. It didn’t take too long… and he did well enough. The girls were pleased and that is all that matters!

how to Braid with Goody Hair Products

Using the Goody® Ouchless® Cushion brush, he brushed through the hair and got all the tangles out. It helps to have a tangle-free head of hair while learning to braid. It simply makes it easier on everyone involved we’ve learned. Then, we wanted to keep it easy, so started with a plain ol’ 3-section braid. After brushing, put all of the hair into a ponytail with a Goody Ouchless Elastic. Divide the hair into 3 equal sections. Hold the right section in your right hand, the left section in your left hand, and the middle section between the fingers of your right hand.

how to Braid with Goody Hair Products

Next, begin to weave the sections of hair together. Cross the left section over the middle section and switch hand positions based on the new hair section in your hand. Then, cross the right section over the new middle section. Continue this motion with all three strands until you reach the bottom of the hair. (Pull hair tightly to hold braid and smooth hair as you go).

how to Braid with Goody Hair Products

Once you reach the end of the hair strands, secure the bottom of the braid with a Mini Elastic.

how to Braid with Goody Hair Products

For a bit more accessorizing, add a Goody Girls™ Salon Clip to secure the bangs… or simply add a little more style. Done! A braid is a quick and easy hairstyle perfect for any occasion. Once you get the basic braid down you can pull it to the side,  try a French Braid, or start incorporating it into other styles. Have fun with it!

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