what is normal anyways

What is Normal? Don’t be Normal

Colby and I decided, for some crazy reason, that yesterday was a good day to move our girls’ playroom upstairs, move our office into the playroom, and move our formal dining room back into our office (where it used to be). A bit much considering we are hosting a small … Read more

blood draw

No One Mentioned Hashimoto’s Disease

When people look at our 3 year old they are often taken back. Why? Because of her size. She is not the build of your average 3 year old. Even her Endocrinologist was amazed at both her height and weight. She kept repeating that Monkey was charting much larger than … Read more

Special Needs

Special Needs Does Not Have a Look

When you hear the term “special needs” what do you picture? Down Syndrome? Autism? Do you realize that there are several conditions and causes that may earn a child the “label.” Special Needs Does Not Have a Look You cannot always look at a child and KNOW they have a … Read more

Special Needs Halloween

A Special Needs Halloween Plea

This past weekend a friend shared something on her Facebook feed that just really hit me. I asked her if I could share and she, of course, agreed. Her Children’s Pastor had shared it… and since I shared I have seen several of my Facebook friends do the same. As … Read more

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