This past weekend a friend shared something on her Facebook feed that just really hit me. I asked her if I could share and she, of course, agreed. Her Children’s Pastor had shared it… and since I shared I have seen several of my Facebook friends do the same. As a mother of a special needs child… THIS is important to me.

My 3 year old has Expressive Speech Disorder as well as Sensory Processing Disorder. We struggle to get her to say everyone’s name… so “Trick-or-Treat” is not a priority.

She also has Sensory Processing Disorder and clothes, to her, are optional. Getting her to keep clothes on period is difficult. A costume in low priority for us.

PLEASE… read this and consider repinning and/or sharing. I believe everyone needs to understand that special needs children need just that… SPECIAL NEEDS.

A Special Needs Halloween Plea

Special Needs Halloween