woman grieving miscarriage

How To Deal With Grief After A Miscarriage

Feeling grief after a miscarriage, no matter how early in your pregnancy, is real. No one else can understand the loss you feel after losing an unborn child.

life of miscarriage

The Life of a Miscarriage

Last week as we were driving home from somewhere, Princess (our 7 year old) began asking questions about Reagan, the baby we lost to miscarriage at 14 weeks. She does this occasionally. We tell her that her middle name is “Random” because she totally is… just like my dad. It makes … Read more

Message for Reagan

I have been sitting here for the past hour think of how to write this post. Today marks the 5 years of when we found out Reagan was no longer with us and, it has been 5 years of wondering and remembering. Hard to Start You see, I am a … Read more

Baby Number 5

Getting to Baby Number 5 Took Some Work

After 4 uneventful, healthy pregnancies, getting to baby number 5 took some work. We were beyond devastated when we suffered a miscarriage in March 2008. Getting to Baby Number 5 I knew the moment it happened. I just felt it and I prayed for 2 weeks I was wrong. When … Read more