Tips for Surviving Cold and Flu Season

5 Tips for Surviving Cold and Flu Season

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Fall is almost upon us and that means cold and flu season is on its way as well. That can also mean missed school and work, as well as sleepless nights and high emotions for all involved. Therefore, I gathered 5 tips for surviving cold and flu season to share with you to, hopefully, alleviate some of those situations.

Tips for Surviving Cold and Flu Season

Tips for Surviving Cold and Flu Season

Teaching our kids to stay healthy begins at home, so let’s get started. As you begin to notice symptoms associated with either the cold or flu, make sure to slow down and pay attention to your body. By following the tips below, hopefully you can feel better quickly and help avoid spreading the illness to others.

  1. Wash your hands… often. This is one of the most effective ways to help stop the spread of germs. Wash for a full 20 seconds with soap and water. A nice little verse of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” should be perfect. In addition, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, such as PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer from Target , and teach your children to do the same to decrease the germs found throughout the house.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth with facial tissues. By trapping the germs that spread when you cough or sneeze, you are effectively helping to stop the spreading. Instead of simply capturing those germs in our hands, a tissue can help better contain the germs and protect our hands. If no tissue is available, try to use the crook of your elbow instead of your open hands. Plus, blowing your nose often helps get that mucous out quicker!
  3. Disinfect as you can. Try to wipe down doorknobs, remotes, toys, tables… things that are heavily used by the sick family member. Do not make yourself crazy following everyone around with disinfectant spray, but you can help avoid more spreading with a simple wipe down. A spray or wipe can make the job easy and leave you more time to take care of yourself or the one feeling sick in the family. Plus, have the children attach PURELL® JELLY WRAP™ Carriers to their backpack for on-the-go sanitizing. PURELL® JELLY WRAP™ Carriers
  4. Get plenty of rest. Easy, right?! So many people think they can just go to work or send their child to school and work through it. Not only are you contaminating those around you, but you are actually doing your own body more harm. When sick, your body needs rest so that it can focus on fighting the infection. Nap when you can and simply take it easy so your body can heal. Not getting enough rest can further lower your defenses for fighting the illness.
  5. Eat healthy foods as your body warrants. Drink plenty of liquids to replace what may be lost from vomiting or fever, based on your symptoms. Plus, eating fruits and vegetables can help supply your body with the nutrients essential to proper function, especially when sick.

We have been using PURELL® products 3 times a day, as a family, for the past 30 days in order to help reduce the spread of illness-causing germs in our home. It has been a terrific way to get all of us back into the routine and teach the children proper hand washing techniques. Staying prepared throughout the cold and flu season means staying stocked up on PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer found at Target  to protect all of the hands in your home… both big and small.

teach kids to reduce germs

Have your family take the PURELL® 30-Day Challenge by using PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer with your family every day for 30 days. See what a difference it makes in your household!