Staying Safe During Fun Summer Activities: A Family Guide

The summer is a time for family fun! However, you need to stay safe at the same time, which can be hard when you’ve got a lot of kids to keep track of.

But if you prepare for the damage the summer weather can bring, it won’t be hard to have fun without needing to worry.

Safety First Summer Activities

So let’s go through a few of the best preparatory steps below; teach the kids to look after themselves and it’ll be even better! 

mother and son playing with water guns in the backyard

Buy the Right Sun Protection

Not all sunscreen bottles contain the best ingredients! Indeed, a child’s skin can be a lot more sensitive than an adult’s, so watch out for what your sunblock is made of.

You want them to be as organic as possible, without synthetic materials, and yes, you can use this kind of sunscreen on a baby’s skin!

Be sure to reapply the cream at least once an hour if you’re spending all day outside, even if you’re just in the garden. 

Keep Running to a Minimum!

Kids are going to want to run, jump, and play during the summer. And as a parent, you love letting them outside to get all their energy out too!

However, you’ll want physical exertion to stay to a minimum here. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can happen very quickly when you’re up and at it all day long, and you’re going to need ten times the amount of water to feel good when the sun is so clearly out.

Be sure to warn the kids about this; if they start to feel tired, or like they can’t drink enough, it’s time to come inside. 

Regularly Clean Your Water Features

Whether you’ve got a swimming pool, a paddling pool, or you’re lucky enough to own a hot tub, you need to keep them clean when in use.

Dirty water can be home to all kinds of bacteria, and you wouldn’t want to pick anything up in your backyard! 

If you’re not sure how to take care of these features yourself, you can easily call in services like proper hot tub cleaning to do the job for you.

And then when you head outside the day after, you and the kids can spend all the time in the world lounging in the cool waters! 

Know What Heat Stroke Looks Like

As we mentioned earlier, heat stroke is a real threat at this time of year, for kids and adults alike.

However, heat stroke is a very serious stage in the ‘heat stress’ process, and you want to stop it in its tracks as soon as you notice heat exhaustion. 

The first thing you’ll notice is your child complaining about a headache, and seeming quite tired.

They may feel sick and even throw up — if any of these symptoms occur, immediately start cooling them down and try to get to a hospital. 

Summer fun should be just that: fun! Make sure it doesn’t turn dangerous with these tips.