RaceTrac Sodapalooza

Grab Your Sodapalooza Cup & Fill Up This Summer

It’s no secret that in the South each summer, it gets hot! Not warm. H-O-T. Hot. We find ways to cool off however we can.

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One year, we even set up a mock slip’n slide in my parents’ front yard. There were puddles full of water and kids wanting to cool off.

They cut holes in trash bags for their limbs, tied the bags onto themselves, then would run and slide across the puddles.

When you are trying to stay cool, you get clever in figuring out ways to do so!

RaceTrac Sodapalooza


Now, RaceTrac has a clever way to help keep everyone cool through the dog days of summer. 

Sodapalooza lets guests refill their 20oz Sodapalooza cup with fountain drinks and frozen beverages through July 31.

And although it’s called “Sodapalooza,” there is much more than soda to enjoy. Of course, we Southerners love our sweet tea, so you will find flavored teas included in the promotion, as well as a host of delicious frozen beverages.

Once you have your cup in hand, you are ready to experience unlimited fountain and NumbSkull frozen drink refills all summer long!

The only thing is, this “secret” seems to be spreading like gossip through a small town, so you need to get to your local RaceTrac TODAY and get your cup.

In fact, when Colby and I were looking for our cups, we asked at the first location and were told which store near us had cups still available.

We, of course, rushed over and found our Sodapalooza cup and filled it with a refreshing Hawaiian Fruit Punch frozen beverage.

With temperatures already in the high 90s here in Texas, cold and tasty were just what we needed.

RaceTrac Sodapalooza coupons

Not to mention, when we opened our Sodapalooza cup to fill it up, we found coupons not only for free food and drinks at RaceTrac, but discounts to local family-friendly attractions as well.

But, even that isn’t the end of the summer deals from RaceTrac!

Download the free RaceTrac Rewards app to receive a coupon for $2 off a Sodapalooza cup purchase. This brings the price down to only $9.99 for unlimited FreeFills all summer! Again, HURRY!

These cups are selling out quickly and you are going to want to get in NOW to make the most of your purchase anyways.

We have plenty of outdoor fun planned this summer, and Sodapalooza will keep us all cool while we participate in each of them.

Did you get your Sodapalooza cup? WIN ONE!

RaceTrac wants to give 3 lucky winners a Sodapalooza cup —so you can get your FreeFills through July 31— PLUS a RaceTrac swag bag that includes:

  • Sunglasses
  • Beach ball
  • Candy
  • Koozie
  • Gift card

Be sure to spread the news and help your family and friends find their Sodapalooza cup too! Besides, from Sodapalooza to Swirl World, RaceTrac has everything you need this summer.

Disclosure: Prizing courtesy of RaceTrac.