Creating Succulent Gardens with Harvest Organics

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Harvest, makers of organic soil. All experiences and thoughts are my own.

When Colby and I moved into our new house last month the only thing we were unhappy with was the landscaping in the front yard. There were 15 holly bushes planted, all with prickly leaves, and we hated them. Therefore, we decided to take every single one out, which left large empty areas in our flower beds.

creating succulent gardens

Succulent Gardens

Through a partnership with Harvest, we were introduced to the idea of a succulent garden. We put our own twist on the idea by finding a way to memorialize the baby we lost 9 years ago this past April. Using a metal letter to form the initial of her first name, we would plant succulents of all sorts inside and then lay it in the flower garden. But, we couldn’t find the letter we needed anywhere, so we compromised and simply planted the succulents in its shape instead. Plus, we were able to make it larger than anticipated to use more of the empty space and really call out attention to it.

Harvest Organics raised bed mix

After pulling out the last holly bush, we leveled out the area and covered it with Harvest’s Organic Raised Bed Mix from Lowe’s. Using two containers of succulents, we pulled each one out and laid them out to form the letter. Once we were pleased with the aesthetics of the letter, we began planting.

succulents at Lowe's

Creating a trough to pour the soil into, we then covered the roots of the succulents. Using Harvest soils, we knew we were planting with “clean” dirt ensuring our plants would grow without added chemicals, pesticides, preservatives. Not to mention, we were doing our small part in helping reduce landfill waste and improving our planet.

succulent initial garden

And now, when you walk up to our front porch, you can’t help but see the large, embellished “R” in memory of our beloved Reagan. Colby and I loved being able to incorporate her into our new house this way, and the kids were thrilled with the idea as well.

front patio decor from Lowe's

Additionally, while we were at Lowe’s, we found more great pots and plants to help add pops of color to our new front porch. For example, we found bright yellow Marigolds that we could pot to help ward off mosquitoes. A lily leftover from Easter was just the right height for setting next to the front door to greet our guests.

succulent centerpiece

Using our remaining succulents, we poured more of Harvest’s Organic Soil into a planter to create a centerpiece that tied the patio and front yard together.

front porch patio project

After adding a few more fun outdoor elements we grabbed at Lowe’s, we had a fabulous new front yard patio! I can’t wait to sit out there and enjoy the beauty of it all. The neighbors have already taken notice and we look forward to enjoying it with them in the months to come.

What outdoor projects do you have to complete?

Whether you are doing landscaping, patio, or gardening, look for Harvest organic soils when planning your next outdoor project!

Harvest is the largest processor of yard and food waste in North America, managing to keep nearly 2,000,000 tons of waste from ending up in landfills. By recycling these scraps, Harvest turns waste into organic gardening products that then feed the earth to, in turn, feed people (e.g., vegetables, fruits, herbs, grasses, trees, flowers) to create a more sustainable planet.

The Harvest Effect is the idea that the food that you throw away today could become the dirt that you grow produce in tomorrow; or can help power your community and fuel your family. Do your part!

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