Prepare Your Home for Fall Weather with Hive

Fall is a bit of a crazy season here in Texas. We have weeks where the temperatures go from 40° to 95°—literally from one day to the next. As you can imagine, it makes it challenging to keep the house the right temperature. Every night I ask Colby if he thinks the Hive Active Thermostat™ is set correctly. After all, it’s warm all day and then freezing (in Texas standards) at night.

Hive Thermostat Fall 2017

Prepare Your Home for Fall Weather

Through the Hive App, we can easily check the temperature and make adjustments without getting out of bed. In fact, with the new Hive App for Apple Watch we can also easily manage “quick heat or quick cool” applications from our wrist. Even more convenient considering we always wear our watches and this puts the essentials at our fingertips—even when our smartphones aren’t in our hands. But, the cold and hot temps affect more than just the thermostat.

Hive Apple Watch App

One of my favorite parts of fall is the ability to open the windows. With the warmer temperatures, we can let a good draft blow through the house. This helps bring the outside in while we are working and the girls are learning. Plus, it always seems to create a fresh and airy feeling to the home environment when we let a breeze flow through the house. Again, this affects the heating and cooling, but Hive’s family of smart products allows us to keep the house the ideal temperature no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Hive window sensor

And if we forget to close a window at the end of the day? The Hive Window Sensor will send us notifications to let us know we forgot to close it. This is super handy when your husband repeatedly forgets to close the windows he’s opened! Don’t ask me how I know!

Having Hive Home is like an extra pair of helping hands

…to help make our lives easier during day-to-day routines with products that include:

  • Hive Hub — connect your Hive products so you can control them from your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Hive Active Thermostat — easily control your heating and cooling
  • Hive Active Light — set schedules, switch lights on and off, and dim your lights with Hive Active Light™ bulbs
  • Hive Window or Door Sensors — monitor doors and windows through an alert sent straight to your smartphone
  • Hive Active Plug — set schedules, switch appliances and lights on and off, set actions

Through Hive’s subscription-based smart home plans, you are able to use a strategic mix of products and services to put get in control of your home. The monthly subscription rates are made to fit your budget and to suit your home needs, more details on the plans are here:

As you add new Hive products to your home, you give yourself more control through one central point. Whether you need to control screen time for your kids, save energy with scheduled lights, or check on our home while you’re traveling, Hive has a solution for you. Plus, installation is easy and can be done without a service tech.

Hive Hub - Fall 2017

How can Hive help prepare your home for fall?

Low monthly subscription rates, with no high upfront device costs, on-demand customer service, and an ongoing warranty are just a few of the benefits you will find with Hive. Learn how Hive can help give you the freedom to spend more time with the people you love, doing the things you enjoy most.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hive. The opinions and text are all mine.