Planning A Road Trip With Your Dog Amid The Pandemic

As the country reopens after extended lockdowns, road trips have become the favorite way to travel.

It is much safer than flying because you are in your vehicle and can keep social contact to a minimum.

At the same time, you can enjoy the views and take breaks just when you want. Moreover, the flexibility and freedom keep the adventurous spirits up.

But things may not be that easy if you plan to take your pet dog along.

Planning A Road Trip With Your Dog Amid The Pandemic

While you have to manage their tantrums on the road, keeping yourself and the pet safe from the virus is another concern.

Road Trip With Your Dog

Here are some tips that you can use for planning a road trip with your dog amid the pandemic. 

Plan your route wisely

When it comes to road trips, good planning keeps you safe and comfortable. First things first, you will have to plan the route, including where you will stop and stay.

Since the virus is still at large in some parts of the country, it is best to skip the dangerous destinations.

Even as you take breaks on the way, be extra careful about adhering to the COVID protocols and cleaning practices to be safe.

When traveling with your dog, make sure that these stopovers are canine-friendly as well.

Avoiding crowded places is a wise decision, as it will keep you safe from the virus and also ensure that the cranky animal does not get aggressive.

Pay attention to the temperament of your dog

If you are setting on a road trip with a furry companion, it is vital to pay attention to its temperament.

Some breeds aren’t great travel buddies, so it is best to leave them at a dog care center and go ahead with the trip alone.

Friendly breeds like golden doodles are good companions, and you can take them along without second thoughts, pandemic or no pandemic.

You can go through this ultimate guide to golden doodle to understand its needs better if it is the first time.

If the animal has specific health issues, speak to a vet because health concerns only get bigger in the pandemic era.

Pack the pet-essentials 

Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to packing for a road trip. But the rule does not apply when you travel amid a pandemic and have a dog in tow as well.

You wouldn’t want to stop en route or shop a lot when you reach your destination. So it makes sense to have a list of everything that you will need to keep your pet healthy and comfortable when away from home.

Pack extra food supplies, medicines, supplements, and dog treats, and also have enough water to keep it hydrated.

It has its favorite toys to keep the pet busy on long routes. A warm blanket will keep it cozy as it sleeps on the back seat.

But if you frequently travel with your dog, don’t forget to install sturdy car seat coverings to prevent any problems your dog leaves behind, such as muddy pawprints, pet hair, slobber, and vomit (if he gets carsick).

Traveling on the road with your pet dog can be an amazing way to alleviate pandemic stress, but everything boils down to doing it safely.

Good planning and preparation ensure that you and your travel companion will have a great time together.