Best Outdoor Furniture Ideas For The Entertainer

Part of the joy of having a lovely home is being able to share it with family and friends. And the best way to do this is with outdoor entertaining. 

This can take many forms, and the outdoor furniture you select will depend on your preferred activities. But some pieces are so versatile that they lend themselves to all occasions.

Here are the best outdoor furniture ideas for the entertainer.

Friends hanging out together, grilling food, playing with a dog and drinking wine at backyard. Top view on a beautiful garden

Patio Dining

Patio dining in the summer, whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a family get-together, is a cinch with the right furniture.

This is where an extendable Transformer Table Outdoor that is made from weather-resistant materials, makes all the difference. 

An extendable outdoor dining table set that converts into a larger table with bench chairs is the most versatile option. It caters to smaller groups, and with just a few clicks into place, it becomes a dining set for a party or family celebration.

If you really want to maximize the space in your outdoor dining area, get some extra fold-up chairs that you can safely stow away when not in use.

But remember that any seat cushions should preferably have removable covers, as they’ll get dirtier quicker than indoors.

Deck Lounging

Deck chairs evoke that vacation vibe that no other outdoor furniture does. They are a timeless classic that fit any occasion — family leisure time, or solo time with a sundowner after a long day of work.

And depending on the materials used, they can be quite economical, too. 

Get deck chairs with removable, washable cushions and covers for easy care and maintenance. Or opt for plain wooden ones, like the iconic Adirondack chair.

But remember that some maintenance will be required, as outdoor furniture is subject to the elements.

Deck chairs are not as suitable for older family members or those with poor mobility, as they are low to the ground.

But they add a touch of style to any poolside party and are easy to set up for any impromptu gathering. If maintenance isn’t your thing, paint them with weather-resistant paint in a fresh, bright hue.

Keeping Cool By The Pool

What’s the use of having that blue, sparkling pool if you can’t show it off?  So, if pool parties are your favorite way to entertain, your next investment after some poolside deck chairs, is a sun umbrella or shade cloth.

A large sun umbrella is a must-have for any serious outdoor entertainer. The best one to go for is a waterproof one that also offers shelter if the weather turns. It’s also incredibly versatile, as it can be used for family days on the beach, too. 

Children are particularly susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun. So this is the ideal investment for families. 

But you don’t have to use a sun umbrella to have shade. A shade sail offers protection from the sun and wind while adding some extra privacy, too.

Backyard Fire Pit

Everyone loves going camping as a family, but we don’t always have the time. Well, you can enjoy a family fireside adventure without even putting up a tent.

Put that desolate backyard space to good use, with a backyard fire pit. There’s nothing like a warm fire to sit around when the chill of night sets in. It’s perfect for making smores with the kids, or just enjoying a beer around the fireside. 

A backyard fire pit can be built in, or it can be a freestanding unit. Your available space will dictate your choice.

But a built-in brick fireplace will add value to your home and is one of the most impactful yet budget-friendly home renovations you can do over a weekend. 

There are different types of commercially available firepits to choose from, including wood-fired and gas-fired. But a wood fire lends that warmth and crackle to the night air that a gas flame can’t emulate.   

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is one of the more extensive outdoor renovation projects you can tackle, but with the right outdoor furniture, it doesn’t have to break the budget or take forever. 

Customizable units that feature a built-in grill, sink, and food prep area will maximize your covered patio or deck area’s potential for outdoor entertaining.

Benches with cushioned lids double as storage for barbecue equipment, picnic plates, and other necessities. 

Outdoor entertaining can be good for the environment, too. Wood-look outdoor benches or other outdoor chairs made from recyclable materials not only help you do your bit for the planet but also make cleaning a breeze.

Stainless steel food prep areas are the best choice, as stainless steel is more hygienic for cooking.