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Beyond the Aisle: A Modern Guide to Organizing a Chic and Trendy Wedding

Everybody has their own unique interpretation of what a wedding should be like.

While some dream of a fairytale beach wedding in a tropical paradise, others would rather have a more conventional ceremony and all the attendant rituals.

However, those with a more modern sensibility might choose to eschew all manner of “conventional” options and gravitate toward something a little more stylish and contemporary.

But even if you are looking for something a bit more on-trend than your typical wedding choices, it can be difficult to know where to start, particularly because this is typically uncharted ground in terms of aesthetics.

Thankfully, you have found this post, which will act as your fairy godmother and walk you through all the steps necessary to plan a wedding of this style.

Wedding photo booth outdoors

Embrace A Fresh And Exciting Alternative To Traditional Wedding Photography

We begin with something that is really a hallmark of modern weddings, be they traditional or completely out there.

Regardless of the aesthetic you’re going for, you will likely want to document your special day to preserve the memories and perhaps even show the kids when that time rolls around!

You should try to think creatively about this since you are trying to create a new wedding style.

Companies like Sunflower Photo Booths Las Vegas have developed exciting and unique ways to capture the fun and joy that occurs throughout a wedding, which involves installing specialist booths with fun backdrops around the venue.

Your guests will be able to join in the fun and make some unforgettable memories right alongside you.

You can also incorporate this option with a traditional photographer in order to combine the best of both worlds…remember that this is your wedding, and you can pick and choose almost any aspect you desire.

Why err toward the conventional when you could mix things up and choose a fashion style that speaks volumes about who you and your soon-to-be spouse genuinely are?

Why not incorporate more contemporary styles and really amp up the modern vibe instead of spending a fortune on a traditional wedding dress or suit?

Just be aware that if you go down this route, it’s only fair to inform your guests so they can dress for the occasion as well!

Opt For A Non-Traditional Venue

There has been a shift away from more religious wedding traditions in most Western nations toward more secular ones. This has meant more and more couples seek out interesting venues unassociated with conventional houses of worship.

The most exciting aspect of this move away from a religion-based ceremony is that it gives couples more freedom to express themselves creatively.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see venues including refurbished farms, woodland clearings, or anywhere with some connection to the happy couple.

By changing up your venue, you can push your modern credentials and bring what is generally considered a traditional sort of thing kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Infuse Your Personality Throughout

How you incorporate your personality into your style is, in many respects, the starting point and finishing point for developing a contemporary, fashionable aesthetic.

It lets you express yourself creatively, which in turn helps others understand you better and realize your vision. The more personality you can inject, the better it will turn out.

Organizing a modern wedding can be particularly daunting, seeing as most wedding planners (not to mention your family) will be more drawn to the conventional.

However, by utilizing some of the tips in this post, you can create something remarkable and bring what was once a traditional event into the modern world.