Small Moves: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re moving a studio apartment or one-bedroom worth of belongings, completing a small move seems relatively simpler than completing a big move. However, this is not always the case.

Here is an in-depth review of what a small move entails and how to do it correctly.

mover in uniform wrapping furniture with roll of stretch film in apartment

What Is Considered a Small Move?

Most moving companies say small moves are goods weighing below 2000 lbs .

A small move may include a studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment worth of belongings, a college dorm room move, specialty items, small office space items, storage units, and large household appliances.

Some items commonly prepared for small moves include pieces of furniture, pianos, electronics, antiques, hot tubs, heavy safes, pool tables, fine art, refrigerators, washing machines, and heirlooms.

Although small moves do not always require hiring a professional moving company, doing so can save you time and stress.

Hiring a moving company specializing in small moves will also keep your belongings safe and save you the risk of sustaining an injury from heavy lifting.

Factors to Consider When Moving a Small Load

Before deciding which method to use to move your small load, there are various factors you need to consider. They include:

The Condition of Your Items

Does your small move include fragile items like mirrors, TVs, and glasses? If so, throwing these items at the back of your truck and driving off to your destination may not be the best idea.

Instead, hiring a professional moving company specializing in small moves is highly recommended.

Doing so will ensure that professionals do the packing process of your fragile items to prevent costly damage during transit.

The Distance of the Move

If you’re moving your belongings close by, it makes sense to do so using your truck.

However, if you’re moving your load over a long distance, it’s highly recommended to hire professional movers for the job.

A professional moving company will likely have multiple people in charge to ensure your belongings arrive at your preferred destination safely.

Your Moving Timeline

Sometimes, even a small move can take weeks or even months, especially if you’re doing it alone.

If you have ample time to complete a small move, you can always use your truck or rent a van.

However, if you need to complete your move in a day or two, it may be best to hire a professional moving company.


How you intend to complete your small move depends on your budget.

If you’re on a tight budget, using your vehicle or renting a moving truck to move your belongings is best.

On the other hand, consider hiring a professional moving company to help with your small move if you have a flexible budget.

Factors That Determine a Small Move’s Cost

Professional moving companies countrywide use various factors to calculate the overall cost of a small or large move.

That said, the following are some factors that will influence the total cost of your small move:

Other factors may influence the cost of your small move but do not apply to all moves. They include:

  • Special handling for fragile or high-value items
  • Full-service packing services
  • Shipment of difficult-to-move items
  • Number of stories and flights of stairs inside the building
  • Driveways with limited access for moving trucks
  • Tipping the moving crew

Helpful Tips for Saving Money on Small Moves

The following are some of the best ways you can minimize the overall cost of your small move:

  • Declutter Ruthlessly: Generally, the fewer items you move, the less you’ll pay. In that case, consider selling, donating, tossing, or recycling all the items you won’t need in your home or office. Every item that doesn’t make it to the moving truck translates to more savings.
  • DIY Packing: Although it’s convenient to let professional movers handle the packing process, it’s quite costly. That said, you can easily save money on small moves by packing up your items yourself. Fortunately, the packing process is fairly simple once you invest in sturdy boxes and packing tape.
  • Compare Quotes: Get quotes from multiple moving companies specializing in small moves, compare their prices, and pick the company that suits your budget and moving needs.
  • Choose Cost-effective Moving Dates: The moving dates you choose will influence the overall cost of your small move. Overall, moving rates tend to be higher during the weekends and between May and September. On the other hand, the most cost-effective time to move is mid-week and from September to April.

Make Your Small Move the Right Way

Although it’s possible to complete small moves with the help of family and friends, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional moving company.

Besides helping you achieve a stress-free move, professional movers also help you move your belongings safely.