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Not Just Disneyland: Other Ideal Places for a Family Vacation in Paris

Disneyland may indeed be one of the most popular amusement parks in Paris, but is it really worth it?

Everyone has their own opinion on the matter, some claiming that EuroDisney is a must-see when in France, let alone just in Paris. We’re in between both sides of the debate.

Although it may be a great time and a magical experience for the kids, they can often get frustrated waiting in the long lines, or worse yet — leave you to wait in the long lines for them, so they can go and do other things!

Now, it may be worth the wait, but let’s go over the other side of the argument, namely “What else is there to do with your kids in Paris”?

Well, fortunately, we have put together an entire article devoted purely to this topic.

We are going to lay out our picks for other great family-friendly destinations in Paris, allowing you to make up your own mind on whether you want to visit EuroDisney, or give it a miss and hit up some of these other fun parks.

Versailles Palace France

Family Vacation in Paris

Hold your horses, though, before we get into our list, we first need to address the elephant in the room.

How are you going to get from the airport to any of these attractions? We are very glad you asked.

The friendly folk over at AtoB Transfer offer their unique blend of airport transfers to all of the attractions we are listing below. To see more, head over to for Orly Airport, although they also offer the same service as Charles de Gaulle and Beauvais. 

With that out of the way, let’s proceed to our list of all places you can visit with your family (except EuroDisney)! 

Parc Asterix

Another cartoon-oriented amusement park, this one is themed after the popular French cartoon: Asterix & Obelix.

Although the show may not be as popular overseas, as it is in France, it is still an incredibly fun park to visit.

The park promises an experience that will have you feeling as if you are in a cartoon yourself! It doesn’t just consist of the characters parading around, no, there are also many thrilling rides.

To name a few, you have the “Flying Chairs”, the “Hooray Trail”, and even the Trojan Horse.

As the cartoon is a “historical” themed park, there are also a lot of opportunities for your kids to learn a little about history as well, even if in a fun way!

An Orly airport transfer can get you straight to the front gates of this amusement park in no time. 

Versailles Palace

What could be more interesting than teaching your children about the French Revolution and the Enlightenment?

Yeah — we’re sure it would be a great way to put them to bed (except for the parts about the Guillotine), so maybe you can steer clear of discussing the history and rather enjoy the pure majesty that is the Palace of Versailles.

Built by the Sun King many years ago, this palace is an example of what was wrong with France in the years coming up to the revolution. A shining example of luxury and the spending habits of the nobility.

It has remained a beautiful example of the excesses that the royals went to in order to indicate their status.

A stroll in the gardens is a beautiful way to spend the afternoon, with ponds for the kids to feed ducks at — it’s great! To reach the Palace of Versailles, simply book an AtoB airport taxi!

Grevin Wax Museum

Perhaps not as well-known as its French counterpart Madame Tussaud, but still an exceptional example of how realistic wax can look.

Have you dreamt of getting to meet Edith Piaf? Maybe not. What about Lionel Messi? Great, because you can see him here in all his glory.

He won’t be kicking a ball around and may have a slightly more glazed-over stare, but nonetheless, it is still incredibly impressive to look at. One thing for sure is that your AtoB airport transfer driver will certainly not be made of wax!

Jardin du Luxembourg

Gardens are a wonderful place to spend a lazy afternoon. What’s better than kicking around the pigskin with your kids? A picnic? You can do that too.

There are plenty of grassy areas to lay down a blanket in and have some baguette and cheese. If the kids get bored, there is also a playground to keep them busy.

So, while they tire themselves out on the toys, you can enjoy a little peace and quiet while enjoying the beauty of this park in the center of Paris.

A conveniently pre-booked Orly airport taxi could easily get you to this park in the center, allowing you to relax before, during, and after your visit.

Bois de Vincennes

This one is slightly further away, yet still definitely worth a visit. Located on the outskirts of Paris, this green space also has lots of playground space for the young ones, as well as a large lake for duck feeding.

If they are feeling a little more adventurous, there are also zip lines, climbing walls, and a zoo!

If you feel like instilling a little teamwork into the kids, you can rent a boat on the lake and teach them how to row, while you sit back enjoying some wine!

As the park is on the outskirts, booking an Orly airport transfer is a necessity to visit here. Luckily, it is easy to do and your cab driver can drop you off at one of the many entrances to the park.


There you have it. Five ways to enjoy Paris with your family, without having to go to Disneyland.

Although these may seem like only a few alternatives, if chosen we guarantee it will fill up a number of days on your vacation itinerary.

There are obviously many more things that could be done, but that would have filled up a much larger article. Happy Travels and enjoy your time in Paris!