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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Campus Bellhops. All opinions are 100% my own.

Do you have a college student moving out soon? Are they headed to the dorm? Moving into their very first apartment? Wherever they may be headed, Campus Bellhops is ready to help them get there.

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Campus Bellhops moving companyCampus Bellhops is a college student run moving company and is available on over 50+ campuses across the United States. Started by two Auburn University entrepreneurs, the business now employs over 2,500 students ready to help you move. In fact, all of the Bellhops (movers) are University students. Prior to your move, you will receive an email with bios on your two assigned Bellhops. This gives you the peace of mind in knowing who will be responsible for moving you or your precious child into the dorm.

That’s right. No matter your child’s age… they are still precious to you, right? Did you know that 54% of moms compare the college moving experience with such unpleasant activities as a root canal, sitting in traffic or visiting the DMV? My oldest turns 18 in September and will be entering her second year of college. This first year I have been able to keep her home and she has commuted back and forth. Next fall, she plans on switching to another campus and that means moving closer to the new school. I dread moving day. Although she works and goes to school, I will miss knowing she is here, safe with me under my room every night. See? Still my “precious child“.

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And when it comes time to move her out, I am not going to want to spend all of the quality time I should be loving on her unloading and loading boxes. Not to mention, I see stairs in her future and this mom’s age is catching up with her. Seriously! Here is another fun fact for you:

40% of moms said the most unpleasant aspect of moving was carrying heavy items up multiple flights of stairs

That is why Campus Bellhops sounds like a great idea! The Bellhops will cover moves both in and out of dorms, houses, apartments, and even storage facilities. Plus, a standard dorm move is typically under $100. Therefore, they are pretty affordable and helpful when you most need it. Thinks about it… your college kid can pack between 11-15 boxes for their move (on average), and will include such heavy items as a TV, microwave, mini fridge and more. Why not let these young College Bellhops do the work for you?

I even have a coupon code for you! When you use the code onashoestring1 you can receive 10% off your move.

What is your least favorite part about moving?

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