CVS Pharmacy ScriptPath Prescription Bottle Labels

Easier Medication Management with New CVS Pharmacy Prescription Labels

Did you know, according to findings by the Mayo Clinic, more than 50% of Americans take two prescription medications, and 20% of Americans take five or more?

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My dad has taken more than five prescription medications since his heart attack back in 1999. In fact, he takes 5 prescriptions just with dinner.

As you can imagine, it can be cumbersome to keep organized and administer daily.

CVS Pharmacy ScriptPath Prescription Bottle Labels

Prescription Labels

Fortunately, CVS Pharmacy’s ScriptPath Prescription Schedule helps simplify medication management for patients with multiple prescriptions.

CVS Pharmacist consult on ScriptPath prescription schedule

CVS Pharmacy patients who take more than five medications each day will be offered a consultation with the store pharmacist when they pick up their prescriptions.

The pharmacist will also review the Prescription Schedule and the information it provides.

The elements of the ScriptPath prescription management system are simpler for patients to read and understand with easy-to-understand icons and an intuitive layout for each of the ScriptPath offerings.

The ScriptPath Prescription Schedule provides highlighted prescription information to simplify the process, including:

  • Personalized prescription information for the individual patient, including how much medication to take and when to take it
  • Medications are separated into sections for Routine, As Needed, and Other medications
  • Clear refill instructions for easy refills
  • Notes section for further personalization and to facilitate face-to-face pharmacist counseling

Using the same icons as the ScriptPath Prescription Schedule, the new prescription labels for medicine bottles further help to simplify medication management.

The redesigned prescription label includes a clear dosage chart with big, color-coded icons representing the four times of day for patients to take medications, symbolized by the sun rising, shining, and setting and a crescent moon.

CVS Pharmacy ScriptPath Prescription Bottles

Therefore, when you line up your medicine bottles, they will create a schedule for your day outlining the dosages and times.

Paired with the prescription schedule, managing medicines is now a lot easier for the patient and the caregiver.

cvs health scriptpath prescription label

I’ve mentioned before how my dad kept his medicines in three different locations: breakfast, lunch, and dinner doses.

Now, he can keep them all in one place (and off the dinner table), lined up in a row, to get a better idea of which medicine to take throughout the day.

It may be a bit of “teaching an old dog a new trick,” but he seems to be coming around to the idea. I know that for the rest of us, it makes it easier to help him stay on schedule.

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