CVS Pharmacy ScriptPath Prescription Bottles

CVS Pharmacy ScriptPath Prescription Schedule Simplifies Medicine Management

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Taking on the task of caretaker for your aging parents isn’t really a transition I feel you can be entirely ready for – especially when they come with a host of medications. After losing my mom this past year, my sister and I assigned ourselves to be caregivers for our dad. Fortunately, the new ScriptPath Prescription Schedule , only from CVS Pharmacy®, is going to be helpful in managing all of his medications.

CVS Pharmacy ScriptPath Prescription Bottles

ScriptPath Prescription Schedule

My dad had a heart attack in 1999 that left him with a lifetime supply of prescription medications. Heart disease coupled with diabetes means that dad has a variety of medicines that he takes at three different times of day. If you ask him why he has pill bottles in the bathroom, on the shelf by his bedroom door, and on the table, he will tell you it’s so he can keep them separate. The bathroom holds his morning pills; the shelf his lunchtime pills; and the table his dinner pills. I’m not sure what would happen if someone were to move the pills, but, for now, this is his system.

This is where the new ScriptPath Prescription Schedule at CVS will help us move forward with a better prescription regimen.

The ScriptPath Prescription Schedule features all of a patient’s current CVS Pharmacy prescription information in one place including which medications the patient takes, when the patient should take them, and how much of each medication should be taken in each dose. Using easy to understand icons, the new schedule was designed to improve patient understanding and enhance patient safety by simplifying how patients take medications and how caregivers give them.

Therefore, if a pill bottle accidentally lands in the wrong area of the house, we can still feel confident in the dosage schedule for that particular prescription. The ScriptPath Prescription Schedule provides highlighted prescription information to simplify the process, including:

  • Personalized prescription information for the individual patient, including how much medication to take and when to take it
  • Medications separated into sections for Routine, As Needed and Other medications
  • Clear refill instructions for easy refills
  • Notes section for further personalization and to facilitate face-to-face pharmacist counseling

My dad will be the first to tell you that he isn’t one for change, but I’m hopeful this is one transition he will be grateful for. He likes things organized, at least in his own way, and is adamant about taking his medications on time, as prescribed.

CVS Pharmacy ScriptPath Prescription Bottle Labels

Being able to see the easy-to-understand icons and clearly labeled bottles will make his daily medicine regimen easier for all of us. After all, our main goal is simply to keep dad healthy. CVS Pharmacy is providing us a Prescription Management System to make that goal easier.