Laughter Behind the Best Intentions of Dad Jokes

I grew up on slapstick comedy. My dad has always been a big fan of it and, since he was most often in charge of the TV, we all became fans.

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And, just as it did with my dad, that form of comedy rubbed off on me.

Dad Jokes

My dad is the king of that crazy humor that can only be characterized as “dad jokes.”

It’s a bit of corny mixed with a little ridiculous and peppered with a pinch of sarcasm. Just enough of each thing to at least crack a smile from one of us.

Nowadays, with my own family, laughter is such a huge part of our daily life. We love to laugh and, most importantly, we love to laugh together.

We’ve discovered that Colby isn’t exactly the best at telling jokes. The kids have even bought him Dad Jokes books to help him up his game. Alas, it’s simply not his best feature.

Therefore, although the kids do their best to appease his efforts, I think most of the time we’re laughing AT HIM more than with him. But, I promise it’s all in good faith.

After all, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we can’t expect others to either, right? I don’t know; something like that I guess.

All I do know for sure is that we love each other, love laughing together, and have the most amazing times together as one big family.

And a family that laughs together… stays together!

So, what’s your best dad joke?

Having just celebrated Father’s Day now is the perfect time to bring forth your best Dad Jokes!

Colby's watermelon smile

When it comes to humor, there is no greater contribution dads have ever made than the dad joke.

You know the kind: silly, funny, punny, wordplay designed to make you groan and guffaw at the same time.

They are embarrassingly delightful, family-friendly, and truly clever in equal measure.

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