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How Does Hello Fresh Free Meals Work?

If you’ve ever used meal delivery services before or are aware of the overall concept of what they have to offer, then it’s likely you will have heard of Hello Fresh. They are one of the leading lights in the niche and a brand that is known far and wide. 

If, however, the concept of meal delivery kits is alien to you, then you may well be missing out on a service that could greatly assist you or perhaps your family as a whole. 

The meal delivery service industry was already well and truly on the rise before the coronavirus pandemic hit, and then it went through the roof.

The restrictions and regulations that came in during lockdown periods meant that our entire way of life changed, and some services and markets very much aided us in these periods.

As an example, the upsurge in the use of Zoom for calls between friends and family members was a way to bring us closer together when we couldn’t meet in person, and meal delivery kits helped us to deal with the fact that we couldn’t always shop for food in grocery stores and supermarkets.

This period saw the market increase in popularity, and the number of providers in the space expanded. As a result, the overall quality of what was on offer also improved, as is the way when a market starts to shape and evolve to suit the needs of customers.

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What Are Meal Delivery Services and How Do They Work?

Meal Delivery services come in many different types, but the overall premise is the same. A customer orders a certain amount of meals, which arrive compartmentalized and usually with instructions to help to put the meals together. 

There are also meals that are entirely ready for consumption and just need to be heated up if necessary.

With all the prep done beforehand, our lives are made easier. The services come in different styles and types, and the variety on offer from the best providers means that you can indulge in all manner of delicious options. 

Who Might Benefit from Meal Delivery Services?

Meal delivery services are useful for everyone, but especially those who don’t have much time on their hands. Perhaps a young family that doesn’t have hours to put together meals and shop for relevant ingredients would greatly benefit from such a service.

Similarly, a young professional who works all sorts of hours and is unable to make sure that their kitchen is well stocked is tired of having to make do with odd ingredients left in their cupboards and can then rely upon meal delivery services. 

There is also a cost factor here. Some may have grown to rely upon takeout food, but the cost of these really can mount up. A meal delivery kit service is far more cost-effective, and you can buy in bulk and store meals in your freezer. 

They are also helpful for those with specific dietary requirements, with some providers specifically catering to these needs. In other words, if you are a vegan, then there are meal delivery services that are entirely vegan-based

There are countless benefits to meal delivery services, and there is also an environmental waste aspect that is a big positive.

Many of us buy products that we don’t get a chance to eat, and it’s then thrown away in the trash before we’ve even had an opportunity to consider eating them.

Meal delivery kits have precisely what is needed for a portion, nothing more and nothing less, which makes it a far more sustainable approach to meal times.

Who is HelloFresh?

Hello Fresh is possibly the most well-known provider within the relatively new world of meal delivery kit services.

They have a vast array of meals, with 25 recipes a week to choose from, and they are very much the option of choice by larger households, and they are a big player in the market.

The company was founded in 2011 in Germany and now enjoys revenue in excess of $5 billion and has had millions of satisfied customers over the past decade. They can probably lay claim to being the most well-known provider in the meal delivery service sector.

One of their big selling points is the ease with which their meals can be put together and prepared, as well as the relatively short amount of time this takes, which is, of course, ideal for those with young children who don’t have as much time to waste on prep. 

Their plans run from two recipes per week for two people all the way up to six recipes for four. This selection then helpfully straddles many of the likely demographic groups who might consider meal delivery kits as a helpful addition to their lives. 

How Does HelloFresh Free Meals Service Work?

Hello Fresh regularly offers free meal promotions, both to existing customers (especially for key dates like Valentine’s Day) and new customers they wish to entice into subscribing to their service. 

Often these promotions are baked into long-running subscriptions you sign up for. So, for instance, you might sign up for 21 meals spread out over a four-week period, and they will then top this up with an amount of ‘free meals’ as a bonus.

These can be redeemed as part of coupon codes that are revealed, and you then enter these accordingly as part of your payment process.

The free meals may also be effectively part of the overall cost so that your payment factors in an additional x amount of meals as part of your total price. 

This is all explained in detail according to the offer itself that is laid out on their website or app.