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Brew Coffee Quicker with the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker

Disclosure: Hamilton Beach provided Our Family Lifestyle with a sample to conduct this review.

I’m not sure why and how it happened, but somewhere over the years, I became an avid coffee drinker. One cup in the morning. One cup at night.

Scoop Coffee Maker

Yep. At night. Caffeine doesn’t seem to keep me up or give me a crazy burst of energy. In fact, I can often have a cup of coffee, so my nighttime routine, and go right to sleep.

calm cup of coffee

Coffee seems to soothe me quite honestly. Especially at night.

Thanks to the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker, I can brew both cups even quicker. In under 90 seconds actually!

That’s right! This uniquely designed Coffee Maker will brew ground coffee in less than 90 seconds.

scoop, place and brew

Plus, you have the option to brew eight ounces for a regular mug or more for a 14-ounce travel mug.

Not to mention, you can choose from either regular or bold settings without the use of pods, K-cup® pods or disposable filters.

All of this in three simple steps: scoop, place and brew!

steel mesh scoop for coffee

Use the included steel mesh scoop to filter freshly ground coffee and the only waste when you’re done is coffee grounds.

We’ve enjoyed this one so much as home that we’re going to purchase another one for our RV travel trailer. It’s absolutely perfect in both size and use for travel.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker

Since there’s no additional equipment needed, the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker is ideal for any coffee bar.

Look for The Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker at Walmart or online at Walmart.com