3 Fun Desserts to Make With Your Kids This Christmas

The holidays are a fun, busy time of year for families.

With relatives visiting, gift-giving on the brain, and lots of baking to be done, kids and adults alike look forward to Christmas every single year.

Want to plan some fun and simple baking projects for you and your kids this Christmas?

Make memories and delicious treats simultaneously by checking out the festive kid’s Christmas recipe ideas below!

kids baking Christmas cookies while wearing Santa hats

1. Christmas Cookies with Decorative Icing

With plenty of Christmas-themed cookie cutters, different icing colors, and various shapes of sprinkles available in stores, decorating gingerbread or sugar cookies is a great way to make a fun dessert with your kids. There are many ways to help them get creative and imaginative after rolling out the dough!

Before you start decorating, have the kids help with cookie-cutting! Grab cookie cutters shaped like snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa, presents, and anything else you can find! Your little ones can pick out their favorite shapes and decide how many of each to make!

Once the cookies are baked and cooled, you can start decorating. Make royal icing, or whip out the store-bought icing, to get creative with your kid’s Christmas cookies. Of course, classic designs, like striped candy canes and Christmas trees decked with ornaments, will always be a winner.

At the same time, don’t shy away from letting your children’s creativity go wild! Maybe they want to make a blue Christmas tree, or turn the cookie cutter shape to become something different.

No matter what design, shape, or recipe you choose, Christmas cookies are a fantastic and festive way to bond with your kids and show off your holiday spirit!

Want a little extra fun? Consider turning the cooking decorating into a contest. Whoever has the neatest, most creative, and most colorful cookies can win a holiday-themed prize!

chocolate fudge tied with red and white twine

2. Fudge

Fudge is another simple, fun, kid-friendly Christmas recipe that is endlessly customizable. 

From peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge, or fudge with different inclusions like chocolate chips, fruit, sprinkles, and nuts, prepare your fudge exactly to your, and your kids, taste.

You can also combine two flavors of fudge in one recipe to make a flavor duo like chocolate and peanut butter or cherry and chocolate that’s hard to beat and even better to eat.

Let your kids take the reins on their flavor combinations, allowing them to get creative with mix-ins. Take a look at what you already have in your kitchen.

Have leftover candy in the cabinet? Throw it in your fudge mixture! Add potato chips or pretzels to the fudge mixture for a sweet and salty twist on a classic kid’s Christmas recipe. 

This dessert idea encourages your kid’s creativity and may teach them their favorite flavor combinations!

Fudge is a staple of Christmas dessert ideas. This year, make sure you’re the one who brings the best fudge to the party by making it with your kids!

peppermint candy bark

3. Candy Bark

Candy bark is a straightforward dessert to make, so it’s easy for kids to stay involved throughout the process.

This Christmas favorite takes on many different forms and flavors – for a classic sweet and minty winter treat, make peppermint bark. For a buttery, rich dessert, go for toffee bark.

Peppermint bark is an ideal sweet treat to go along with hot chocolate during the cold winter months of the holiday season. It is an iconic holiday flavor pairing that makes for a heartfelt,  homemade gift to give to friends and family.

Not into mint? Try adding cookies, chocolate candy, pretzels, popcorn, or whatever other tasty snacks you enjoy to your bark mixture and see what flavor combos the kids like best. Your family will love the variety! 

The best part of candy bark is that you can break it into pieces at the end – which is great for letting off some steam from the stress of the holidays!

Need a gift for your child’s teacher or a treat for your child’s Christmas party in the classroom? You can’t go wrong with candy bark! Baking a sweet treat and bringing it in is a great way to boost participation and fun in schools while giving back at the same time.


Now you have some sweet treat recipe ideas for the holiday season that your kids will love. You could even make all three and have a plethora of desserts to choose from throughout the holiday season!

So, what comes next?

It’s time to get out the baking sheets, spatulas, whisks, and cookie cutters to make this Christmas the best and sweetest one yet!

3 Fun Desserts to Make With Your Kids This Christmas