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This next fall, we will begin our 16th year of homeschooling.

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We absolutely love the school choice we’ve made for our family, yet fully understand our limitations as well.

For example, our youngest daughter’s special needs.

Explore Horizons reading program success

Explore Horizons

Considering Joeli didn’t start fully talking until she was 5 years old due to a speech disorder, we just started working on reading this past year.

We’ve used an in-home tutor for the past two years to help catch her up, but we’re looking for a different option this fall.

That’s when we were introduced to Explore Horizons.

Explore Horizons uses a whole-child approach found exclusively at their centers. They work to create

“personal connections with students and achieving success through plans customized to each child’s individual needs.”

During our initial visit, they sat down with Joeli to assess her skill levels and determine the best way to meet her needs.

Colby and I were delighted to discover she tested well and listened as the programs were described to us.

We also talked about the 75-minute sessions twice a week as well as the learning paths they use. It was an informative meeting that gave us everything we needed to make a solid decision.

curriculum designed for success Explore Horizons

We asked Joeli what she thought about the center and she expressed great excitement about starting the next day.

Once we began the program, we appreciated the progress chart Joeli brought home after each session so we could easily track her academic achievements.

She enjoyed earning cards towards the treasure closet.

One thing I noticed soon after she started was her confidence. Explore Horizons encourages the students to ask for help.

This is something Joeli has struggled with previously. She would rather try her best at what she attempts rather than ask for help.

But now? She has the courage to ask for help and understands that it’s okay to do so. She has become a fearless learner.

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Joeli would be at “school” every day if she could. She truly enjoys attending her sessions at Explore Horizons and we’ve seen great improvement after just one month.

In fact, Colby and I had to make a run to the bookstore this week because she is quickly making her way through her book collection. She is hungry to learn more and wants to read it all on her own!

Explore Horizons provides engaging enrichment and tutoring in math, reading, and writing, for children of all abilities in Pre-K through 8 grade.

Their individualized approach and inspiring staff help in the mission to create a generation of fearless learners.