Operating an E-Z-GO Golf Cart in a Master Planned Community

Operating an E-Z-GO Golf Cart in a Master Planned Community

When we chose to build our home, we realized the lot we picked was about as far away from the community amenities as possible.

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But, at the time, that seemed fine.

What we didn’t realize is how often we would utilize the amenities–and how far they actually are from our house.

Operating an E-Z-GO Golf Cart in a Master Planned Community


Therefore, through our partnership with E-Z-GO, we’ve been able to make those trips back and forth much more enjoyable! Cruising through the neighborhood on our electric Express™ L6 life cart is so much more fun!

Not to mention, our master-planned community has an active Golf Cart Club that truly helps make the experience so much better!

E-Z-Go golf cart

Working side-by-side with our community police department, we’ve been able to come up with a set of community-specific laws for golf carts and help keep riders safer.

golf cart slow-moving vehicle emblem

For example, in addition to following state laws for licensed drivers, golf carts must also:

  • Be equipped with both headlights and taillights, as well as brake lights
  • Display a slow-moving vehicle emblem
  • Have a side or rearview mirror
  • Must be operated by a licensed driver
  • Each rider must be in a designated seat
  • Drive only on streets, not along sidewalks or walking paths
washing the E-Z-Go cart

Of course, each individual master-planned community may have its own rules, but these are pretty standard.

E-Z-GO Express L6 Patriot Blue

Fortunately, our E-Z-GO Express L6 came to us fully equipped with all the lights we needed, so that part was simple. Adding a slow-moving vehicle emblem only took one screw to attach, and even adding a mirror was easy.

Other great features of the Express L6 include:

  • 72-volt AC motor
  • Convertible rear seat
  • Brush guard
  • Two-tone seats available
  • Seating for 6
  • 13 colors to customize your cart (for reference, ours is Patriot Blue)

Now, we can easily transport all of us in the house to the pool, one of the many neighborhood parks, or to the snow cone stand at the front of the community.

E-Z-GO Express L6 Convertible rear seat

Not to mention, considering we make frequent trips between our house and our daughter’s house two streets over, we can easily carry food, chairs, bags and more between the two houses.

Plus, the golf cart club is often invited to participate in most of the community events to help direct traffic, decorate carts for parades, and even offer residents a ride home after a late night event.

E-Z-Go family life cart

Mostly though, as a family, we simply enjoy riding around our large neighborhood in the open air and taking in all the community has to offer. The E-Z-GO makes that fun and easy!

How would you use your E-Z-GO?

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