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Working Towards a Better Credit Score

We’ve all heard of the “American Dream.” In a metaphorical sense, it often includes the house with the white picket fence, among other things. Yet not everyone understands the work that goes into making that dream a reality. I know we didn’t.

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A Better Credit Score

Colby and I married pretty young. I was still working my way through college and he was working to help pay our bills. The idea of purchasing a home simply wasn’t feasible for us at that time.

After struggling for years early in our marriage, we decided our best solution was to rent a home, buy a cash car, and go without credit cards. Although it worked well for our budget, it left us with no credit when it came time to buy our house.

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In fact, we had to work incredibly hard using credit repair resources for over a year to get our credit scores where they needed to be in order to purchase the home we now live in.

Although we knew we could manage the mortgage, lenders look at your credit scores. Fortunately, your credit score is not written in stone, and, more importantly, you are more than a credit score.

But, as we tend to discover, your credit won’t fix itself.

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In our case, we not only knew the credit score we needed to obtain to purchase a home, but we also learned about how our interest rates would be affected. The better the credit score, the better the interest rates.

We had just over a year while our home was being built to bring our collective credit scores up to where they needed to be in order to achieve our goals.

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And we did it! Getting the email that we had been approved was a joyous day for all of us!

Not to mention, there was such a sense of satisfaction for both Colby and I knowing that our hard work had paid off and we were going to be able to provide a great home for our kids.

hard work paid off

What is bad credit costing you?

Start working on raising your scores today! Know your credit. Repair your reports. Live your life.