Amano Shrimp

Amano shrimp are one of the most popular invertebrates in freshwater aquariums. They’re easy to care for, and they stay tiny (usually less than an inch). Many people keep them with snails, small fish like guppies or bettas, and other shrimp species.

This article will discuss six different types of fish that you can keep in the same tank as Amano shrimp without any problems.

6 Fish You Can keep In The Same Tank As Amano Shrimp

Here is the list.

Apisto Borelli

This is one of the most popular fish species to keep with Amano shrimp. They are tiny, peaceful, and easy to care for. They’re also beautiful! Their scientific name means “little plump fish,” which is an accurate description.

You can rear Apisto Borelli with the freshwater shrimp without having to worry about either of them. The shrimp will not bother the Apisto Borelli, and they won’t nip at each other’s legs or antennae because both species have a very different diet.

You need to keep the shrimp in a tank by themselves and then keep an Apisto Borelli with any small fish. They will do fine together as long as they have enough space and food. Each species needs at least one gallon to itself.

Pearl Gouramis Fish

This is one of the more peaceful freshwater aquarium species that you can keep with Amano shrimp.

You might be wondering, “what will they do together if these two species eat different types of food?” Well, it turns out that both fish and shrimp have a similar diet. So no need to worry about either eating the other.

You can keep a single Pearl Gourami in the same tank as an Amano shrimp, or you could put them together with some guppies and cherry shrimps for a very colorful fish tank.

They are peaceful fish, so don’t choose tank mates based on size alone. If it’s too tiny to eat your shrimp, it’s too small to keep with them.

Bolivian Rams

These little fish are so peaceful and tiny; they don’t even bother shrimp! They’re very adaptable in terms of water conditions too. You can keep a single Bolivian Ram with one or two Amano shrimps without any problems whatsoever.

Remember that these fishes like to go to school together, though, which means you’ll need at least six of them to keep them happy. If you’re not interested in keeping a school, then pick one or two Bolivian Rams and put it with your Amano shrimp – they’ll be fine.


Cory’s are trendy aquarium fish, and they’re perfect for the freshwater tank with Amano shrimp. These little catfish will take care of any leftover food in your tank while these invertebrates clean up algae.

They’ll also eat tiny pieces of uneaten fish food before it turns into a nuisance – which is something that can happen when you have shrimp in your tank.

All Cory’s need is a bit of water flow, and they’ll do just fine with Amano shrimp, too, so don’t worry about that. Give them someplace to hide if the shrimp start swimming around during their molting process.

They like to feel safe, and they need time alone when their new exoskeleton is hardening up.

Black Neons

Black Neons are some of the best choices for fish that you can keep with Amano shrimp. They’re peaceful, and they like to school, so there’s no need to worry about them being nippy towards each other.

Plus, they’re so small that they won’t bother the shrimp either! The only time you need to worry is if your Black Neon gets nipped by a larger fish.

You can keep these two species together in any sized tank, but be aware that the Amano shrimps might try and eat their eggs when spawning takes place. So make sure to keep an eye on them. Don’t worry about anything else.

Lemon Tetras

Lemon Tetras are some of the most peaceful freshwater aquarium fish that you can keep with Amano shrimp. They’re small, they don’t nip at each other’s fins or legs, and they won’t bother your invertebrates either!

Plus…they look great together in an orange-themed tank because both species have a bright yellow color.

You can keep a single Lemon Tetra in your tank with one or two Amano shrimp, and you should be fine as long as the tetra isn’t too aggressive towards its new companions.

Remember that these tetras like being together, so if you’re only interested in keeping a single tetra, make sure that it’s a female.

As you can see from the above list of six fish species, there are many freshwater aquarium fish that you can keep with your Amano shrimp! Just remember to match each other based on size and the needs of each species. For example, you would never put a betta fish in with shrimp because it will eat them.

So remember to be careful when picking your tank mates for your Amano shrimps.