Diocletian Palace Croatia

Why Croatia is Ideal for Family Adventures: Top Highlights

Croatia has something for everyone going for a family adventure. It is located at the crossroads of Southeast and Central Europe.

Croatia has a heritage worth thousands of years, a diverse landscape, islands of dozens, and a vibrant atmosphere suitable for the whole family.

Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia

Top Highlights in Croatia

Croatia has no shortage of adventurous experiences. 

National Parks

There are endless options for visiting places with your family in Croatia. You can visit dense forests, national parks, UNESCO sites, history buff, or beloved arts.

If you are looking to slow down your vacation pace, going to the beach is a great choice. UNESCO sites to visit in Croatia are some of the best places to go to.

Be sure to have a Plitvice lakes tour from Dubrovnik to experience the beauty that lies in the interconnected waterfall series; it’s sixteen lakes and deep woodland, home to wolves, deer, some really rare bird species, and bears.

The Croatian national parks are ideal for yachting enthusiasts who wish to sail through Europe’s relaxing winds and calm waters from a speedboat. 

The ideal and perfect day for travelers could be swimming through the waterfalls. You could also spend your day hiking, cycling, or kayaking through the national park lakes.

It is forbidden for motor vehicles to enter the national parks. Therefore, the national parks retain their sense of romance and solitude as you explore them with your family. 

The Food

There is a varied and wide selection of traditional Croatian cuisines. These cuisines have a touch of Mediterranean flavors infused in them, influenced by nations and countries that, over the centuries, ruled them.

The islands and coastal regions are heavily infiltrated with Mediterranean diets full of salads, fish, and olive oil.

Visiting Croatia as a family ensures your health and your loved ones are catered for because these foods are well known for their cardiovascular disease prevention, increased lifespan, and healthy aging.

This diet also helps in managing weight loss. When you move away and more into the European zones, more cabbages, potatoes, and meat infiltrate the cuisines. 

The Istrian peninsula offers its visitors varied and exciting dishes like bean soup only prepared in Istria with pasta rolled on hands.

One meal that stands out is the pesticide. This cuisine is made from baby beef fillets that have undergone marination for several hours in wine vinegar, first in its juice and with red wine later. You can have homemade gnocchi with this exquisite meal.

Scuba Diving

Croatia has crystal clear Adriatic water across its entire coastline. Older members of the family who love thrilling experiences are well catered for because Croatia is home to perfect scuba diving experiences.

These crystal clear waters offer endless opportunities for scuba diving enthusiasts. There are around 1000 islands along the Croatian coastline adorned with reefs, canyons, chilling shipwrecks, and underwater caverns.

Be sure to hop onto one of the underwater and explore the hidden treasures of the ocean bed. Tourists are taken through WWI and WWII shipwrecks from the fallen battles and the B-17 bomber. 

You can explore rare scenes under the Croatian water, such as beautiful gorgonians covering rocky reefs and exquisite wall dives. There is one standing out blue case which is only accessible by small boats.

The People

Croatia is a friendly country with a sense of welcoming people from all walks of life. It is one of the favorites of tourists in Europe. Croatia is friendly, warm, and hospitable to its visitors; it is beautiful inside and outside.

The people of Croatia will pamper you with love. Whether you are traveling solo, you will definitely make friends with family and friends, and you will surely leave the place with so much appreciation. 

Historical Sights

Diocletian Palace is one of the most famous and accessible historical sites in Croatia. It was built around 300 ACE. This site is a great way for exploring and educating your family on the history of Croatia.

You will learn the origin of the city and the stages it went through before coming up as a modern country.

You will excitement about traveling back in time and seeing the ancient temple of Jupiter, Egyptian’s Luxor sphinx, and the mausoleum in Diocletian, which is now transformed into a split cathedral.

The fascinating facts about the palace are that it still resided with hotels, shops, and restaurants within the walls of the palace. 

Your kids would love a walk into the fortresses and castles. Your kids can travel back in time by using augmented reality exhibits to witness the fascinating fortifications of the 17th century in the Barone Fortress.

The Morosini Grimani castle invites family gaming activities of rambling through the towers, dungeons, and hidden chambers as you search for secrets of the castles and the throne of the king.

These castles tell intriguing fairytales as you get educated on the mysteries of ancient Croatia. 

You are welcome with your kids in Croatia. There are reduced rates for kids and plenty of playgrounds and activities suitable for the whole family.

Plenty of family-friendly accommodations with villas and apartments offer you a more home feel. If you have never thought of a family adventure to Croatia, plan for your next visit.