couple working together on laptop at their family business

Promoting your family business can be rewarding. It helps increase brand awareness, identify various customer segments, attract new customers, grow sales, and encourage growth.

Through promotion, you can persuade consumers that your products are better than competitors’ and remind them why they should buy. You can highlight the possible benefits of using your products, build and sustain your brand, and differentiate your offerings from the competition.

This article outlines five ways to promote your family business.

couple working together on laptop at their family business
  1. Leverage promotional products

Promotional products are an excellent and cost-effective tool for marketing your family-owned business, standing out from the competition, and generating more leads and sales.

They’re highly effective because they’re targeted, customizable, memorable, versatile, they last, people love them, and they create brand awareness. Promotional products are usually branded using a company logo, motto, or slogan.

You can use these items to create buzz around your family business, boost reach, and introduce your products and services to more people.

When deciding on the most effective promotional items, consider quality, uniqueness, usefulness, and affordability.

Pens, water bottles, mugs, tote bags, lanyards, tumblers, umbrellas, hats, backpacks, apparel, and keychains are promotional products you can use.

Reputable promotion products companies, such as DFW’s Best Promotional products supplier, can help you create unique promotional items to promote your family business.

  1. Develop a promotion strategy

A promotion strategy is a plan to sway people regarding your family business, increase lead generation, and improve customer engagement. It helps you determine how to advertise the company through different platforms.

An effective promotion strategy minimizes unnecessary costs by targeting the right audience, not everybody.

When creating a family business promotion strategy, set your promotional goals, create a budget, know your target market, ensure the type of promotion you’re using matches your needs, and create a marketing message.

Social media promotions, contests, after-sale customer surveys, branded gifts, referral programs, and customer appreciation events are excellent promotional strategies for promoting your family-owned business.

  1. Know your target market

Knowing your family business’s target market helps you create an effective promotion communication strategy. They should be people with similar characteristics or needs that your company expects to serve.

They’re end users who are most likely to buy your products. Identifying your target market lets you cost-effectively concentrate your promotion efforts.

Targeting a specific market helps attract quality leads, make your brand stand out, create deeper customer loyalty, and boost customer relations.

To determine your target market, identify the issues your products or services solve and who they will likely appeal to. Conduct market research, develop market segments and customer profiles, and analyze competitive markets.

  1. Use content marketing

Content marketing is a promotion strategy where you create content to offer value to your audience while establishing yourself as a credible thought industry leader.

You can use blogs, infographics, videos, emails, white papers, e-books, user-generated content, social media posts, podcasts, and how-to guides to inform, entertain, or educate users. Your content should be high-quality and SEO-optimized.

  1. Create a family business website

A family business website helps create brand awareness, improve credibility, generate leads, improve customer experience, attract organic traffic, and promote digital marketing.

A good business site should be functional and well-designed, optimized for search and mobile, easy to use, and have quality content and fast loading time.


Promoting a family-owned business increases brand awareness and sales and boosts growth. Use these tips to promote and keep your family business running for generations.