Travel Guide 101: Checklist For People Visiting St. Louis (Best Deals and Experiences)

Located near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, St. Louis is a popular tourist attraction of the United States. It is admired by travelers from around the world who visit every year charmed by its riverside atmosphere, baseball culture, and the iconic ‘Gateway Arch.’

Another major reason for its popularity remains the spot being extremely safe for travelers.

However, staying a little cautious is advised to avoid any common travel disasters and prevent losing your luggage on any journey.

Travel Guide 101: Checklist For People Visiting St. Louis (Best Deals and Experiences)

Visiting St. Louis

If you’re visiting St. Louis anytime soon, this article could be your ultimate guide. Read on to know the varied experiences you can indulge yourself in Missouri’s Gateway to the West – St. Louis! 

Ideal place to stay

If you are visiting St. Louis first-time-ever, it would be better to stay close to the downtown area as it is safe and quite tourist-friendly. All thanks to its welcoming accommodations that are well-maintained and filled with most amenities.

In case of a dilemma, you may try Short Term Rentals in St. Louis that offers a robust set of high-quality rental options at reasonable prices.

If you are looking for more luxurious accommodation, there are various luxury hotels in St. Louis

Best time to visit

St. Louis is a city that can be visited almost all year long.

However, the city witnesses the most pleasant weather from late spring to early autumn and even until winter. This is the best time to visit the city since most of the important festivals and events are celebrated during these months. 

Also, you must remember that St. Louis’ weather is notoriously unpredictable. So it might be a good idea to carry clothes for both warm and cold weather along. 

The City Museum in St Louis

Must-see places to explore

The most famous tourist location of the city is the Gateway Arch. It has the distinction of being the tallest landmark in the entire country.

Visit the arch by taking the elevators and going up to the observation platform. Or, watch it from the various river cruises and readily available helicopter tours.

Other important spots that shouldn’t be missed include the Old Courthouse, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the St. Louis Children’s Museum

Not to mention the St. Louis Zoo that does not have an entry fee remains a must-visit if you’re vacationing with kids. The amazing array of animals like gorillas, jaguars, sea lions, elephants, and others on exhibit will entice them for sure! 

Special local food items to try

St. Louis is adored mostly for the scrumptious Italian food it has on offer. The thin-crusted pizza with cheese and ravioli toppings and nationwide fame is something you should gorge on while in the city. 

Besides this, St. Louis also boasts excellent international cuisine.

For example, the South Grand is a place where you can get delicious Japanese, Brazilian, and African food along with delectable drinks, located quite close to one another.

Speaking of drinks, St. Louis has multiple breweries almost on every street. Those interested in booze can visit the Anheuser- Busch brewery, which is the city’s largest. You will observe the brewing process first-hand and get the chance to learn America’s distinguished history of brewing.

Most popular events to experience

Baseball is the essence of St. Louis culture. If you’re a fan, it will be one of the most enjoyable baseball-watching experiences of your life. 

Many non-baseball fans head out to watch a game in Busch Stadium because the experience goes beyond mere sports. Each match is characterized by energized teams playing and the audience screaming with zeal. The game is also enjoyed while snacking on hot dogs and sipping some brews.

We highly recommend watching a game to get a taste of the true St. Louis culture.

Final Thoughts

St. Louis is a gorgeous riverside city that you can visit even on a budget., All you need to do f is a little bit of research, and you will have a great experience without splurging your hard-earned money.

Bon voyage, folks!