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5 Top Tips To Create A Serene Sanctuary In Your Home

Life can be stressful, and at the end of a long workday, many of us crave the soothing familiarity of home. 

But how restful do you feel there? With these 5 top tips to create a serene sanctuary in your home, you’re just a few steps away from your little den of zen.

Serene Sanctuary in Home

modern living room with large windows for natural lighting

Tranquil Colors 

Many people believe that to create a serene sanctuary in your home, you have to follow a minimalist aesthetic. 

But while this can be true, it isn’t strictly necessary. And, you certainly don’t have to go all-out spartan with an all-white theme.

Neutrals or near-neutrals will have the same effect. 

What do we mean by near neutrals? These are colors that while essentially neutral, have a hue undertone. 

An example is sage green. It’s soft, restful, and reminds us of nature.

Take inspiration from these sage green kitchen ideas and bring the outdoors, indoors, using tranquil colors. 

Worried about what to pair it with? Blush pink, sunny yellow, or coral are excellent choices for accents against a sage green background. And of course, soft green and white will always look fresh. 

Experiment with color. It will brighten your mood and your home.

Natural Light and Fresh Air

It’s hard to see your home as a serene sanctuary when it’s dark and gloomy! Let in the light, but keep it as natural as possible. 

Draw the blinds, pull back the drapes, and open the windows to douse your home with warm sunlight and fresh air.

Maximize the natural light available, and if necessary, consider foregoing curtains or blinds in certain areas. 

You can still have the privacy you need, while letting the light in, by opting for frosted glass treatments instead. A skylight is another interesting architectural feature that maximizes natural light.

Plants are nature’s air purifiers. Let them do the same for your home, with some strategically placed indoor plants. 

Many plants are well suited to lower light conditions that you can use in darker rooms of the house. And humidity-loving plants would do well in the kitchen or bathroom.

A few well-chosen plants will also add a fresh pop of color and texture to any dreary space.

Technology-Free Zones

Here’s a good tip to lower your stress levels — minimize your screen time. 

Technology makes our lives easier, but it can also create more stress. By creating technology-free zones, you always have a calm and serene space to relax when you need to unwind. 

Research has shown that blue light screens can interfere with sleep and circadian rhythms. That’s bad news for your inner zen. 

A lack of sleep can worsen mental health disorders like anxiety and even depression. Cutting down on your screen time can even improve your physical health

For better relaxation and sleep, keep televisions, laptop computers, and other tech out of the bedroom. 

The bedroom should be a place for relaxation, rest, and romance — and not catching up on work, watching the news headlines, or catching up on social media.

Reading a good book or journaling is a much better way to finish off the day before retiring to bed.

Creating a Sensory Experience

We have five senses but rarely nurture all of them. Our senses of sight, sound, and taste are bombarded all day. 

It’s time to create a sensory experience with the other two; smell and touch. One of the easiest (and also most pleasurable) ways to do this, is with a massage using aromatherapy oils. 

Aromatherapeutic oils have numerous benefits for your mental and physical well-being. Plus, your home will smell wonderful! 

Other ways to speak to these senses are with luxe textures in your home furnishings, and an essential oil burner that softly perfumes the air.

Softer lighting is also key to turning your home into a haven from the outside stress and strains of modern life. 

Install a dimmer switch or softer lighting to soothe the senses in the evening after a long, hard day. Or get some bedside lamps that provide softer light for the last moments before going to sleep.

It’ll help you feel much more relaxed at bedtime than harsh overhead lighting.

Outdoor Retreat

Your serene sanctuary doesn’t need to be confined within your house’s walls. Your outdoor spaces are a part of your home, too. 

There are several ways to transform your lawn and garden into something more interesting. But don’t stop there.

Introduce a water feature like a miniature water fountain or birdbath. And while you’re at it, a birdfeeder is a great idea for introducing more wildlife to your garden. 

With the relaxing sounds of bubbling water or sweet birdsong, any outdoor area becomes a wellness retreat.

You’ll find that spending more time outside will boost your mental health, and increase your serenity quotient with minimal effort.

Any patio or deck can be easily and beautifully transformed with a bit of paint, a couple of lounger chairs, and some outdoor cushions.

It’s also the perfect place to practice mindfulness activities like yoga or meditation.

5 Top Tips To Create A Serene Sanctuary In Your Home