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3 Tips for Taking Your Friend on Their First Camping Trip

Camping is an excellent outdoor activity that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

It takes you away from your busy life and brings you close to nature and all the beauty this earth has to offer. The activity has also seen a rise in popularity, with people viewing camping as a form of escape away from all the busy cities and crowds.

Experiencing a camping trip is a must at least once!

Do you have a friend who has never been on a camping trip? Now is the time to plan one with them and show them what they have been missing out on all this time! But camping isn’t as simple as it seems in online pictures.

Don’t worry; we have your back!

Below, you can find 3 tips for taking your friend on their first camping trip.

friends pitching tents for camping trip

So, let’s get started!

1. Give Them the Experience They are Looking for

The first thing you want to consider is what kind of experience your friend might want on this trip. This comes first in this list of tips for taking your friend on their first camping trip.

Think this through as you want their first time to be memorable and away from what they are used to in their daily life.

Show them the basics of a camping trip, such as a campfire and set the location in a beautiful area where they haven’t been before. If you want to make their first time even more special, consider getting them a camping gift as well!

Build a Campfire

What is camping without a campfire? In the evening, it’s a popular spot for cooking and resting. Don’t forget to arrange everything necessary to make it unforgettable.

This includes selecting a campground that allows fires, having sufficient firewood, adequate cooking equipment, and, most importantly, materials for s’mores. Ensure everyone has adequate seats and clothing to keep warm when the sun goes down.

Choose an Attractive Location

Beautiful places are hard to refuse. Where is the camping area that everyone talks about? One starts the entire planning process. This spot should convince non-campers that the activity is worth it.

What they like and don’t like will also play a factor in choosing the location. If your group doesn’t like hiking and fishing, try camping near the water and making it a beach vacation.

Cyclists? Camp near top mountain biking trails. Festival-goers may travel to see their favorite musicians.

2. Find Activities You All Can Enjoy

Whether you are on a family trip or a camping trip with your friends, it’s always necessary to find activities that the whole group can take part in and enjoy together. More people in your group means more potential for variety in preferences.

Some folks don’t need much of an excuse to spend the day just swinging in a hammock, reading a book, or casting a line into a lake. Some people are looking to take it easy, while others are eager to test their endurance on the most challenging route.

Pick a spot that offers visitors multiple options, if at all possible.

Cook Together!

You should all arrange specific activities that you can all enjoy together. Cooking meals is a great way to keep everyone engaged!

Every group of friends is bound to have at least one friend who loves cooking. Let them show you all the ropes to cooking up an exquisite meal.

Have self-made fajitas over the fire one night and stew the next? A reliable camp stove can be a lifesaver when cooking over the fire.

Allow those in your group who aren’t used to outdoor cooking to participate in breakfast or lunch, or ask them to chip in some cash.

Hotdogs and other prepackaged camping foods are fine, but nothing beats a home-cooked lunch after a day in the great outdoors.

3. Keep Track of Your Limitations

One of the most important tips for taking your friend on their first camping trip is to stay aware of everyone’s limitations. Furthermore, the resources you bring with you will also be finite, so you need to manage them accordingly instead of finishing them all in a single night out.

Fortunately, The benefit of camping in a group is that you can drastically reduce the amount of gear you’ll need. Only one person is required to carry the stove, griddle, and other utilities that you might need. If someone needs a tent, sleeping bag, light, or other equipment, the experienced campers in the group are likely to have extras.

Don’t Push Your Friends into Camping

If there are first-timers, then chances are they also have limitations to how far they can go as campers on their first trip. You should keep in mind not to overextend them.

Consider going to the nearest campsite closest to your house. It may not be the most attractive choice, but knowing that you only have a few-minute drive back home if something goes wrong makes it much simpler and safer.

This also helps to persuade your friends to make the journey.

Camping may be your favorite, but some may not feel the same. If the destination is close to home, ask pals along for the day. They don’t need to spend the night outside.  You may encourage them to camp, but you shouldn’t force them.

Either way, you get to spend time with your buddies in the outdoors—which is the purpose of the trip anyways.

In Conclusion

Although camping is amazing, not everyone may be attracted to it. This is natural, as we all have different opinions on things. That said, it’s not wrong to try and get your close friends to experience new things that you think they could like.

Give it a shot together! If they don’t like it, that’s okay, but if they do, you have a camping buddy for life!

We hope that this article has helped you with these tips for taking your friend on their first camping trip, and we wish you good luck on your adventure!