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7 Tips for Choosing Religious Gifts for Different Childhood Milestones

Are you preparing for your child’s religious milestone?

You need a gift that says how proud you are to see them grow in their faith. While religious growth is priceless, you can always find a gift to show your appreciation.

Here are a few helpful tips when picking religious gifts for different childhood memories.

young girl holding rosary during first holy communion
  1. See Your ‘Whole’ Child

While you may want to pick a religious gift, you need to remember that your child’s life is so much more than their religion. Kids often view gifts as a reflection of how you perceive them.

This might be a great opportunity to show your child that you value them for more than just their faith. Think of your child as a person. What are their inspirations, values, and challenges?

Consider this even when getting gifts for siblings. It shows that you value their individuality and may ease sibling tension. For example, a child that loves music would love a guitar with the inscriptions of their favorite Bible verse.

However, if they love jewelry, a Catholic necklace would be appropriate.

  1. Gifts for First Holy Communion

If your little one will be getting their first Holy Communion, there are a few ways to celebrate the milestone. After all, it is one of the most important days of their religious life.

First, Holy Communion gifts should be thoughtful, durable, and age-appropriate. Your best gifts for the first communion include a crucifix for their bedroom, a communion cake, jewelry, and inspirational books.

  1. Go Easy On the Gift Haul

Religious milestones always call for excitement. If you have been anticipating the milestone, it is easy to go overboard with the gifts. Let your child know that the celebration is more about their accomplishment than their gifts.

If you go too hard with the gifts, it is easy to lose meaning of what’s essential.

  1. Play to Their Strengths and Interests

Consider your child’s strengths and interests and highlight them. The perfect present is a combination of your child’s ability and interests. Pick a gift that is within your child’s understanding.

While you may want something spiritual, it should also be age-appropriate. Note that children have unique abilities regardless of age. For example, a five-year-old with developmental challenges may have difficulty with toys designed for their age.

However, the toy may be appropriate for a younger child with fast development.

  1. Don’t Turn Gifts Into Work

The gifts you get should be fun and easy to use. Do not turn them into work or unpleasant experiences. Celebrating milestones should be a fun break from the stresses of everyday life.

While you may want to get gifts that promote your child’s development, they shouldn’t push them too hard. For example, a 500-page religious book may be too much for a child. However, they would have fun with coloring books and short stories.

  1. Consider Your Values

Ask yourself if you’re picking gifts that uphold your values and beliefs. What do you hope to pass on to your child? Is it your culture, empathy, animal compassion, or environmental care?

Get your child a gift to uphold values that you consider essential. If your gift is a reflection of who you are, you will be sharing part of yourself with your child.

If the gift is an item that your child will wear, make it a gift that they can match with you. For example, you can get a motivational t-shirt with a quote from one of your favorite verses or poems. Explain to her why you picked the item and why it’s special. Ask yourself if this is the kind of person you want to see in your child when he or she grows up and start from there.

  1. Pick Gifts That Grow

No one wants a gift they can only use one time unless it is a beautiful experience. Pick gifts that will evolve with your little one. They should encourage your child to keep using them.

The perfect gift adapts to your child’s changing needs. For example, a good religious book goes from something you read them at night to a book that the child reads for their younger siblings as they get older.

The options can be overwhelming if you are interested in religious gifts to mark important milestones in your child’s life.

Consider the above tips to ensure that you find something perfect on your little one’s big day.